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About This Site

Lucid dreaming has always intrigued me, and I've been around long enough to wonder, why I ever stopped wondering what it's all about! My curiosity is peaked by ideas concerned with consciousness. I want to share (a seventies thing) some of the wonderful and strange phenomena that I've found to be connected in bizarre configurations, rather like lettuce leaves to heads. It all began in the late nineties, when I ran up a very large debt on my brain (student loans). Aside from the financial dilemma I created for myself, certain "things" fell into place that might not have otherwise been obvious: such as, the connection between lucid dreaming and consciousness. Obvious now yes, but not always the case for me, and apparently not the case for everyone (statistics report that lucid dreamers make up only 10% to possibly 20% of the population). Go to the research page for updates on my MA thesis research progress, and check out the bookstore for more scientific research information on lucid dreaming.

This web site was created in November of 1998, and has gone through several design phases. The phases/changes have marked my development as a web designer. The last "facelift" for this site was in August, 2001. In September, 2001 I started the web design firm, Art Attack Central.

are you dreaming now?
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