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Tunnels and Trolls Online Tournement

Alright delvers, here's what's going on.
PC's email me with your characters using the fifth edition rules, please, no war/wiz and no PC's above lvl 1.
Also, the diffrent Kin and classes that can be used can be found on all these TnT webpages, including mine,
and all the ones on the TnT webwring. Giles, as a GM I will email you in aweek with a downlaod
for the dungean the tournment will use. It will be zipped using winzip and written in microsft
works word processor(.wps). Next week, when I get all of the PC sheets in, I will post here and on
the TnT message board whom is in whose group and which chat room they will be using.

Players and GM, email me with days and times available next week, so we can get this underway!
sorry for the delay!

prizes will be:
first place GM:
a gif for his or hers webpages and a copy of TnT beastiary hand sewn by Joe Hildreth.
First place PC:
same as above.
Runners up:
PC with the most adventure points:
a gif for his or hers webpages.
PC with the fastest level advancement:
same as above.

the rest, get the joy and fun of particapating to take home with them.

We now have a new GM(Mike Dimetro)(if I have mispelled your name, much apologies)
and some tournement updates on Joe's BBS(linked just a teensy bit farther down the page)
so, I suggest you go check it out, it might all be too interesting to handle.

and good delving!


sometimes i don't have enough time to post the advancements on this webpage
if i don't, i'll publish them here on Joe's TnT b.b.s..