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Tunnels & Trolls

Well, some of you out there are probably wondering what exactly is
Tunnels and trolls? Well, Simply put it is the second oldest FRPG around,
kind of like the Apple Computers of role playing games. Anywho, if you have no idea
What a RPG is, go here for more information. If you want to learn
more about The Game Tunnels and Trolls, go here. If you want more T&T
webpages, go here
or use the T&T web ring at the bottom of this page.

On these next pages I will be giving you the world I created for Tunnels and Trolls,
one wich my girlfreind Rachel has helped out with. Here in are new Kindreds,
New classes, Maps of the known world, magical lands, Ruins lost in the memory
of time. Also are the gods thought to control this world, although the gods seemed
to have been quiet for a long time now. Only mystics still pretend to hear from
them, and even then it is in the form of a riddle or a vision.

You will also find new weapons and strange exotic creatures to do battle with.
along with new classes and occupations, NPC'c and PC's for the GM who ran out
] of ideas and has a howling mob of players after him, or a new player that has
no clue on what an rpg is, but still wishes to play anyway.

I hope that you find this site as enjoyable and to read as i did writing it
and I hope some the information here in is helpfull to you.

The World Of AnnWynnYnn

AnnWynnYnn at a glance
Alternatives to staff casting
Creatures of light
Creatures of dark
PC's and NPC's
Tunnels and Trolls Online Tournement
Tunnels and Trolls Chat room

and happy delving!

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