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"It is better to live in serene modesty than in hectic affluence. Everything has a price. The price for nurturing your soul is turning away from excessive stress, destruction of self-respect, and the constant strive in lifestyle with the Joneses. But it's worth it."
(Joan Marques)


I was born in Paramaribo, Suriname in the year of the rat
Sunny Suriname is a republic,
located on the northeast coast of South America.

My native language is Dutch,
but we speak our own language (lingua franca) as well: Sranang Tongo.

The Dutch prefer to call it: "taki-taki", probably because it sounds like that J

In the seventies I attended the
Mr. Dr. J.C. de Miranda Lyceum
and in the eighties I studied Business Economics (HEAO).

(Profiled in a Surinamese teen-magazine "Hi-Time," at age 16)

Communication has always been my first love.
From my early days on, my path always crossed those of media people,
and while doing research for one of my term papers in highschool,
I was requested to take a voice-test at the SRS
(Stichting Radio Omroep Suriname/ Foundation Radio Announcement Suriname)
That's where my career started.

From 1977 on I was successively:
radio-announcer, advertising agency employee and radio- and tv show-host.

In 1979 I started my own advertising agency,
while continuing producing and hosting my own shows on radio and tv.

In the eighties and nineties, I hosted and co-hosted several shows, such as:

  • Fundraising Galas for the SILA (Suriname Indian Ladies Association),
  • Cultural Evening for Indonesian President Suharto,
  • Miss Suriname Contest 1982 and 1991 (with Henk van Vliet - see pictures (1982)),
  • The Suriname Night in 1994 (induction of Suriname into the Caribbean Community, Caricom)- Georgetown, Guyana, and
  • International Cultural Gala in honor of 20 Years Independence of Suriname (with Henk Tjon)
  • .

    In the nineties I started producing documentaries about my country
    in an effort to increase national pride among my fellow countrymen.
    In 1996 I founded "de Stichting Vrouwen voor Vrouwen"
    (the Foundation Women for Women), producing and presenting programs
    about Surinamese women, their struggles, achievements and possibilities.

    I am the mother of three wonderful youngsters:
    Coert (35), Evita (33) and Mercedes (31)
    and the grandmother of Jo-Anne, Coert III, Ashique, and Ashray.

    In 1998 I moved to Burbank, California, where I resumed studying.

    In December 1999 I earned my MBA at Woodbury University,
    where I am currently serving as Assistant Dean,
    Chair and Director, BBA Program; Chair, Management,
    and Associate Professor of Management.

    In February 2004 I earned my first doctorate(Ed.D)
    in Organizational Leadership at Pepperdine University (Los Angeles, California).

    In July 2010 I completed post-doctoral studies
    in Management and Marketing at Tulane University (New Orleans, Louisianna).

    In November 2011 I earned a second doctorate (Ph.D)
    in Buddhist Psychology in Management, at Tilburg University (Tilburg, The Netherlands).

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    In my opinion "good life" consists of :

  • Devotion to your loved ones
  • Dedication in everything you do
  • A harmonious balance between work and home
  • Valuable books
  • Quality music
  • Long relaxing walks
  • And everything else that brings inner-peace and harmony
  • (remember: this is the age of aquarius...)

    What I've learned from life up till now?

    "Simplicity, friendliness, an open mind and a positive attitude
    are the answer to everything"

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    Hope to hear from you soon......... Have a good day......... Be good to yourself and others..........  



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