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Classic Games

Welcome to my old games page. These games are all at least 5 years old and are not for sale any more. If a company decides to rerelease any of these games tell me and i'll take them off my site. Also if anyone finds a dead link on my site email (or ICQ)  me.

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3D house Explore a 3D house
Alien01.gif (21029 bytes) Alien Worlds A cute litte game where you shoot aliens
antix01.gif (1883 bytes) Antix Fun game
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Screen Shot Apples & Oranges Othello game
Beasle01.gif (16388 bytes) Beasley's Dethtrap A weird adventure game
Brstor01.gif (8094 bytes) Bear Stormin' Kid's game where you controll a bear in a plane and must dodge stuff. Good GFX
beer.gif (15083 bytes) Beer War Throw stuff at your o 1000 pponent. FUN! (like scorched earth)
Bj01.gif (8300 bytes) Beetle Juice Walk around, shoot skellitons, eat bugs and be totaly stupid
101.gif (8558 bytes) Blues Brothers Good platformer
dash01.gif (13796 bytes) Boulder Dash - collect gems and avoid boulders classic
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Cabal03.gif (8993 bytes) Cabal Cool CGA Army Game where you shoot tanks, solders, buildings etc.
Capone02.gif (8699 bytes) Capone Shoot guys that come up in windows, behind objects and walking along street. Kinda like Point Blank. Uses Mouse
Capture the Flag Addictive stratigy game. Where the aim is to capture the opponent's flag without getting cought.
Crunch02.gif (7172 bytes) Cruncher You like fast Pac-Man games? It has to be in VGA? Ok! Cruncher is the right game for you! Freeware.
Cc101.gif (7561 bytes) Crystal Caves Like Secret Agent and just as good!
D/Generation D/Generation is a pretty good game, where you are a courier that must deliver a package to a Dr. in the building. Unfortunatly, you have to go through the security system, which is, to say the least, super hard. This game was pretty fun. Alt-s saves and alt-r loads. It rates about a five of five in my book.
Hang Man A cool clone of Hangman
Dd01.gif (3750 bytes) Diamond Dash Kinda like Load Runner
Download Page
DOOM - guess
Double Dragon Very Good beat-em-up
axe03.gif (24189 bytes) Golden Axe from SEGA
Freddy Pharkas Adventure game
Atlant03.gif (28059 bytes) Indiana Jones & the fate of Atlantas Another Beutiful Lucasarts adventure game. I highly recommend you get this one.
Jump & Bump
Screen Shot Jump Jet Side on Shooter. Complete missions in a jet. Good Game
Vleape01.gif (8554 bytes) VGA Leaper The Best Frogger Clone. You can even chose the leaper's colour!
Man hole A challenging game with a simple idea, all you have to do is keep people from falling down manholes, by placing a manhole cover over the hole before a person falls into it, The thing is you only have one manhole cover to move from place to place. So its a fun game for 1 or 2 players, with fair graphics.(4 cool stars out of 5). Game designed for XT's
Meteor01.gif (4488 bytes) Meteor Mission Save space men & avoid meteors. A true Classic!
micro01.gif (9378 bytes)  

Micro Machines Ausome racing game. GET IT NOW!

Screen Shot Missiles Good clone of Missile Command. Freeware.
ma02.gif (8314 bytes)  

Mr Ant This game is hard to describe but VERY COOL arcade game. Game designed for XT's

Mo Slo This handy little program slows down your computer so you can play some of these games at normal speed (its safe)!
Ninja Gai-Den - ninja platform game
Ptomb201.gif (3024 bytes) Pharoah's Tomb Pharohs Tomb is a great platform game that deserves a five of five. The story is that you are a fed up student who steals a map of a pyramid from your professor. You enter the pyramid. Guess what, there arent any dead creatures, only alive ones.
Pinball Construction Set (EA) This a VERY advenced CGA pinball game maker. Deaspite the absence of good gfx it is a realy good program if you like pinball. You can even make your game into an .exe file.
pworm01.gif (16222 bytes) Pizza Worm You are a worm, you eat pizzas nuff said. kinda like nibbles
pega01.gif (9333 bytes) Monty Python's Flying Circus Funny twisted kind of game
scorch16.gif (34651 bytes) Scorched Earth
(registered version 1.5)
HTML Manual
Anybody remembers Gorilla? The game that was included in Qbasic. Well, For all who loved it, Here is the next step in that kind of game, Scorched Earth! It is about the same thing than Gorilla, you have to kill the other enemy (namingly, a tank) while taking care of various factors (Power, Wind) and it introduces a wide variety of Weapons. Napalm Bombs, Nukes, Diggers, Tracers, MIRV and a whole bunch of others. This game is really fun to play with a Friend. If you haven't heard of this game yet, Get it. You need It. (sorta like worms)
sam101.gif (11844 bytes) Secret Agent 1,2 and 3

Great platformers




Sensible Soccer The best soccer game I've ever played. An overhead view and it's very easy to controll the players. Cracked use soc_k.exe

note: this game is still sold in parts of Tasmaina

simcit01.gif (35721 bytes) SimCity is a classic simulator, the idea is to create your own city and keep it populated. A great game with good graphics, add this one to your game collection today! (5 out of 5)

If the above link doesn't work try HERE

sopwit02.gif (1147 bytes) Sopwith 2 cool 2d flight sim. CGA
sb02.gif (7543 bytes) Space Bugs Space Bug is a Pac Man clone, with a nice little touch. You don't have to eat bigger pellets to become invincible, you only have to press one button, and the help is on the way! And this game even has some kind of a storyline! Also, the stages actually CHANGE, this is one of the reason that often caused me to fall asleep while playing Pac Man...well, Not Anymore! If you like Pac Man, this game is a MUST! and if you don't, well, give it a try.. Game Designed for XT's
Super Speed - Top view racing game
Drivin01.gif (5617 bytes) RoboCop 3 Game by Ocean, licensed from the movie. It has 3 parts. The 1rst, you has to rescue hostages from a closed building. The goal is not to kill the hostages. The second part is by car, in a city made of blocks, pursuing others cars. The third part is using your jetpacks, death from above, to certain terrorists. All the game has cut scenes where 2 commentarists talk about the success or not of your intervention. The best part is that is 3d ,when the 3d shooters were a rarity. (4.42mb)!
sierra02.gif (22848 bytes) Slater & Charlie Go Camping
Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (compresed in rar format)
Use unrar to uncompress it

Kid's game where you click on stuff and things happen. This is proberbly the only sierra game that isn't on every abandonware site (about 6 megs)

If the abouve links don't work or are slow
try these 1 2 3 4 5 6

monste01.gif (10475 bytes)

monste02.gif (11088 bytes)

Spooky Kooky Monster Maker Make a spooky kooky monster
Download Page
snoopy01.gif (4185 bytes) Snoopy & Peanuts Cool adventure game staring snoopy. A must for any peanuts fan!
Download Page
Load01.gif (11692 bytes) Stunts Build and race your own 3D stunt track!
empty space empty space
Lemmings no discription needed (original)
Triplane Turmoil My favorite airoplane sim. Fly a triplane in ww1 and complete your missions (2D)
Teenag01.gif (45041 bytes) Teen Agent Disk 1 Disk 2 Disk 3
Realy good adventure game

Note: this game is still sold in some countreys

Installation note: unzip all the files into one directory and run the install program

Wak-A-Rat Hit the mole with the hammer type game. Freeware, Removed
Windows Games A cool selection of games for windows 3.x (will work with win95). The games are:
Rodent's Revenge
Block Breaker
Alien Force
Tic Tac Toe
Slot Machine
Ski Free
Bow and Arrow
NOTE some of these games require vbrun files which can be found (along with some games) at my windows 3.x page

You know this game. GET IT NOW!!!


Here is a list of games/apps I am trying to find all full versions. If you own any of them or know where I can get them Email or ICQ me (#15400694). Thanx to all the people that helped me out with my requests

Champ Galaxen
Champ Frogger
Rodge Rock in Retro Active
Spong (I think it was releaced by Pyramid)


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