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okay so you want....
Windows 3.1 games and apps

well you've come to the right place!

NETSCAPE 0.9 - this is an interesting piece of software. A very early version of netscape. It still works better than IE 5. Check it out!

Alien Force - 2d spaceship game

Ski Free - this is a skiing game!

Block Breaker - If this game doesn't make you go crazy. The sound FX will

Chip's Challenge - puzzle game. requires wep4util.dll

Chip's Challenge Level Editor

Bow and Arrow - A fun archery game

Minesweeper - this game come free with most version of win 3.x. requires aboutwep.dll

Slot Machine - try your luck

Rodent's Revenge - Trap all the cats. requires weputil.dll

RUNTIME FILES!!!!!!!!!! Put these files into your /windows/system directory
vbrun100.dll, vbrun200.dll, vbrun300.dll, weputil.dill, wep4util.dll, and aboutwep.dll