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Equipment used in Paranormal Investigations

Equipment List

You may be wondering what the purpose for these items is. They are as follows:
Infrared Thermal Scanner - is very useful in finding the location of cold spots. Cold spots are usually associated with paranormal phenomena. This is because ghosts absorb heat around them for an unknown reason. Cold spots are usually detected at 25 to 60 degrees below normal room temperature.
EMF Detector - The Electro-Magnetic Field Detector is used to, you guessed it, locate Electro-Magnetic Resonance Fields. These like cold spots, are associated with ghosts. This is another very useful tool in any ghost hunting investigation.
Audio Recorder - This simple device is used to record EVP's, or Electronic Voice Phenomena. In places like a cemetery or battlefield, EVP's are usually recorded by letting the tape record. Then when you rewind the tape and listen to it, there is a chance you will hear voices that shouldn't be there.
Flashlight - Hmm.......its dark, you are stumbling over tombstones. You have a slight fear of the dark.....what would you need this for???? =)
Notepad - During an investigation, it is good to have this to jot down a few notes.
First Aid Kit - This is good to have in case you are stumbling around in a cemetery and accidentally hurt yourself on a tombstone or something.
Camera - This is used to photograph the investigation site. it is also used to (hopefully) photograph the anomaly causing disturbances in your home.
Compass - This is also used to detect Electro-Magnetic fields. This is much better due to the fact that an EMF Detector is rather expensive.
Thermometer - This can be used to check cold spots and the temperature in different areas. It is much cheaper than a thermal scanner.
Film - In any investigation, it is good to have Kodak Gold 400 film. This film has had the most success in capturing ghostly phenomena on film.
Motion Detectors - These are good for detecting a presence. When anomalies such as ghosts walk through them, the detector is usually triggered.

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