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Army Medical College was founded in 1977 at Rawalpindi - the headquarter of Pakistan Army, by then President General Muhammad Zia ul Haq. Today the college ranks among top medical schools of Pakistan.


Army Medical College Progressive Society started in early 2000 as an Amcolian student body with main objective being foreign attachments and electives. It has since then flourished considerably, having members in the US, UK and ANZ.
Please note that this is an Unofficial Website being maintained by Amcollege alumni for the sole purpose of PG trainings and Residencies. If you are a graduate of AMC and currently residing in US or UK, please contact us for registration details.

NUST has been included in the WDMS updates through December 31st 2002. NUST graduates are now eligible to take the upcoming PLAB tests on 09-07-03 and 12-11-03.
ECFMG Match expected on 20th March 2003. Sources say H1 visas for CSA will remain open even in case of a conflict in the Gulf.
IAMRA recognises CPSP. Specialists from Pakistan can now apply for medical work visas in 26 countries including US and UK.

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