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::blows off a layer of dust:: Wow it's been way too long sense I last updated this site. I've got some big news. I'm getting 3 more siren to add to my collection :-D. They are a 12 port 3 phase Model 7, a single phased Federal dual head, and an STH-10. The 7 and dual head are currently in the backyard of Steelman Hiles and there pics have appeared on this site and will go back up next week. The STH-10 I apparently have seen while it was in service, and will dig around for a pic of it as well. I will be picking them up on 4/28 so I'll have more info and pics of them at that time. I've also got some updated pics of my 5, T-bolt head, and M-5 restorations as well as the signals I'm going to use for a pre-siren blast warning. More on my recent projects coming soon I promice.

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Federal Thunderbolt page
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