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Lisa Perry, a former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader who now serves as a sports commentator for
Story Line

Story Line

Hometown: Englewood, OH 

Years on Squad:

Occupation: Hair Designer/ Make-up Artist  - 2004
                     Salon owner  - 2005

Fun Fact: I play on a co-ed flag football team. - Quoted 2004

To become the best, think like a winner!- Quoted 2005

Favorite Childhood Memory: Christmas morning

Advice for Kids/Teens: Have confidence in yourself. Study hard and stay busy. BELIEVE!

Favorite Thing about Indy: Of course the COTLS! But also Indianapolis is like a big city in a small place.



Lisa of The Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders


2003 photo of Lisa


2003 photo

2003 photo

Enlarged photo of Lisa

The Indianapolis Colts organization has sent a Cease and Desist letter to and its former employee-turned-Gambling911-writer, Lisa Perry. 

Ms. Perry, who proudly donned the Indy Colts cheerleader outfit for 5 seasons, was ordered not to have photographs of herself portrayed as a cheerleader appearing on the G911 site.

Nicole M. Duncan, Director of Community Relations/Marketing Communications for the Indianapolis Colts has taken things a step forward.

Any photos of yourself, other Colts Cheerleaders and/or reference to your employment with the Indianapolis Colts on the website must be removed immediately.

You are not only in violation of theft - using Club property photo without permission, you are also in direct violation of the agreement you signed with the organization on May 5, 2005.



PLAYBOY: How long have you been cheering for the Colts?

LISA: I was with the Colts for five years and I was a captain, but I'm no longer a Colts cheerleader. I still root for them to win, but right now, I'm actually a reporter for

PLAYBOY: Any reason for the change?

LISA: Most NFL teams have rules about fraternizing with the players.

PLAYBOY: Details, please.

 LISA: It's a good story. We were in Tokyo for a preseason game. Afterward I went to my room to take a shower. Other girls came in, and they were sitting around eating when there was a knock on the door. I figured it was another cheerleader, so I said, "Come in." The door opened and it was a couple of players. I was like, "Shut my door. What are you guys doing?" I'm in a towel. It looks bad-though I do look good in a towel. Sure enough, I got caught. A high-profile player, who shall remain nameless, was hiding in my shower.

PLAYBOY: Sounds innocent enough.

LISA: It was 100 percent-this time. But my director had it in for me all year. The anti-fraternization rule is the worst. It just happens I'm friends with the players and I'll stay friends with them.

So who do you think the player was? The first guess might be Peyton Manning but she said hiding in the shower, not the closet.


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