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The official logo for Super Bowl XLVI was unveiled yesterday by the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee.

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Renovations complete at Indiana Convention Center


NFL labor news

“This is a union waiting for a lockout”

NFL outside labor counsel Bob Batterman spoke with Mark Maske of the Washington Post about the lack of progress in negotiations for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The current CBA expires March 4.

“If you want to litigate, if you want to get Congress involved, you want a lockout to occur and you want the clock to run out [on negotiations] so your decertification and litigation strategy can come into play,” Batterman said.

“This is not a union eager to avoid a lockout,” he continued.  “This is a union waiting for a lockout to occur.”

Batterman did note, however, that there is enough time to come to an agreement.

“There is time if there were two things–a serious partner who wanted to get a deal done by March 3, and I have serious doubts about that, and if we spent serious time getting it done,” Batterman said. “It’s do-able if there were a desire to reach a serious compromise. Without that, it doesn’t matter if there’s 50 days or 500 days.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to see immediate progress in labor talks.

"It's time to get to the table and negotiate," he said after an owners meeting Tuesday. "It takes a commitment to get it done. We have to see that."

The collective bargaining agreement with the players expires March 4 after the NFL opted out of the deal in 2008. The sides are far apart on the major issues, including the players' share of revenues, a projected 18-game regular season, and a rookie wage scale. The union also has expressed concerns about health care, and its executive director, DeMaurice Smith, says he expects a lockout.

Asked if the 32 teams have been advised how to prepare for a lockout beyond ticket refunds, Goodell told NFL Network:

"Our clubs have prepared for all outcomes. We want an agreement. The first priority is to reach an agreement. We know we will get to an agreement. We hope it's sooner rather than later. The clubs are going to be responsible, and they are going to be prepared for every alternative. The hope here is to get something done quickly so that we don't have to get into those issues. But they are prepared."

Jeff Pash, the league's lead negotiator, believes a deal could be struck before the CBA runs out in six weeks.

"If the focus is, and it has to be a shared commitment -- one side can't do it alone -- on getting together and having the kind of serious discussions and hard choices and real compromises that goes into a collective bargaining agreement, then there is enough time to get it done by March 4, and we can do it," Pash said. "We need to see a parallel commitment by our negotiating partner."

Both sides have said no substantial negotiations have occurred since Thanksgiving. Pash said any talks since then were "not nearly at the pace and not nearly with the focus that is necessary to make real progress."

The NFLPA held a meeting Tuesday at its Washington headquarters with more than 20 current players who are first-time union representatives or alternate reps. They heard from Smith, who outlined the basic elements of the CBA negotiations.

Some of those player reps will head Wednesday to Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers.

The union also launched its "Let Us Play" campaign via social media, including players writing that on their Twitter feeds.

"Essentially, fan engagement is what it's about," union spokesman George Atallah said. "It's just another way to get our message out."

Goodell said the NFL Players Association's filing of a collusion claim simply is "more litigation. I've said before, this is not going to get resolved through litigation. It will get resolved through negotiation."

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has sent a letter to the team's season ticket holders about the potential for a National Football League labor stoppage.
Indiana/WIBC report Irsay says it is possible one or more games could be canceled, but remains optimistic a new labor agreement will be reached before next season.

Irsay says a refund policy will be in effect for season ticket holders that covers any games that are canceled.

But that will not cover rescheduled contests.

The current collective bargaining agreement between the league and its players association expires March 3.

Players will not be allowed to take part in team-related training activities if a deal is not reached by that deadline.

If Taj Smith running into Nick  Folk, Jets kicker wasn't enough to ruin our chances at beating the Jets, why the hell did our new coach Jim Caldwell call a timeout?

The Colts lose when  . . .

they were clinging to a one-point lead with 29 seconds left in the game . . .

What the hell could have possessed Caldwell to call that timeout?
What was he thinking? 
Why would you ever allow a jumpy Mark Sanchez to take a breather or the Jets staff to reconsider playing for a long kick or the offense time to realize that there were plays open down the side of the field?

Jim Caldwell essentially gave the Jets a fourth timeout. And, even worse, he helped convince the team to go for the jugular rather than play it safe.

An editorial by Bob Kravitz that I believe to be true.
And that's a first!

January 16, 2011

The truth? 
Manning pales in the postseason

We've had a week to digest the Indianapolis Colts' loss, a week to deconstruct Peyton Manning's performance, a week to argue about the Jim Caldwell timeout, a week to consider what happens next -- assuming there is a next with the collective-bargaining clouds gathering on the horizon.

Some conclusions:

Peyton Manning is not a good playoff quarterback.

You can talk all you want about the Colts' wobbly run defense, their eternal special teams woes and the fact Manning doesn't get a lot of possessions. Fact is, he's hamstrung by all the same factors during the regular season and still continues to put up monster numbers and score points.

But after a sample size of 19 games, it's pretty clear: He's a different quarterback in the playoffs. He's a lesser quarterback in  the playoffs. I don't know if it's paralysis by overanalysis or what, but after all these years, I still don't trust him in a playoff game.

The stats don't lie: His teams are 9-10 in the postseason. His teams have been one-and-done seven times. His quarterback rating, 94.9 during the regular season, is 88.4 in the postseason. In those 10 playoff losses, the Colts have averaged a touch more than 14 points per game.


Still want to blame it all on the defense? Or the special teams? Or coaching mistakes? Or Mike Vanderjagt?

He is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play this game. But he is not at his best when it counts the most -- which is why my brain bleeds every time someone tries to argue Manning is superior to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Go back and think about the Super Bowl run:
He was ordinary against Kansas City. Managed a terrific but touchdown-less game against Baltimore. Had the great second half against New England after throwing the first-half pick-six. Good enough against Chicago on a day when Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes should have shared the MVP.

His QB rating for that postseason was 70.5.

After every playoff loss, some more inexplicable than others, the finger of culpability gets pointed at just about everybody except Peyton Manning. For some reason, he's Teflon, especially around here.

He shouldn't be.

The clock is ticking now on the Manning era, and the Polian men must act with uncommon urgency as they build toward another Super Bowl.

It has been common practice for the Colts to build from within and resist the temptations of free agency -- and that approach has worked. But we're in the homestretch with Manning. Four more years? Five? At what point, exactly, does he leave his prime behind?

If there's an offensive left tackle out there, or another free agent who can make a difference, the Colts should make an aggressive bid. It's not just Manning who is nearing the end of his prime. We're also talking about Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday and Ryan Diem.

 It's time for the Polian men -- and increasingly, it will be son Chris taking over the day-to-day management of the team -- to build a more physical, run-oriented team that can stop the run.

Two reasons: 

One, that kind of football wins in the playoffs. Two, Manning has a very finite number of great years left, and he will need the cushion of a strong running game and an improved defense to return to another Super Bowl.

I saw this happen in Denver after John Elway's 12th season. He was slightly past his prime at that point, so the Broncos went out and brought in a bunch of free agents, mostly on defense, then got fortunate by drafting Terrell Davis in the sixth round.

Elway's last two years, both championship years, he handed off, threw a few passes and left the rest to his defense.

Clearly, the salary-cap landscape has changed dramatically, meaning the Colts can't spend their way back to the top. But  the point is not lost: They need to find ways to take the load off Manning, and that means becoming a more run-reliant, run-stopping team.

As fine a year as Jim Caldwell had, getting his team to overachieve through all those injuries, he still leaves me scratching my head with some of those game-day decisions.

Sorry, but the timeout in Jacksonville made no sense.

The timeout against the Jets was questionable, to say the least.

And let's not forget the dubious early challenge against the Jets when Santonio Holmes danced near a free football but clearly didn't touch it.

It sounds crazy to say a coach is on a hot seat when he goes to a Super Bowl and gets a depleted team to the playoffs, but there is a new urgency in these final years of the Manning era. If Caldwell stumbles again next year in game-altering situations, it's fair to wonder if the Colts should look elsewhere.

Again, the clock is ticking.

Finally, I don't blame Reggie Wayne for being angry. Seriously, don't you have to challenge Darrelle Revis just once?

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Jim Caldwell was named head coach of the club on Jan. 12, 2009.

On January 13, 2008, Caldwell was formally announced as the future replacement for former Colts head coach Tony Dungy.

On January 12, 2009, Dungy announced his retirement, putting Caldwell in the head coaching position, as well as making the Colts franchise the first to hire more than one minority head coach.

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