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The first school building in Fayette was built in the mid-1860's on lots
across the street about 200 feet to the NE of  the Parsons. 

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Land bought and sold in Fayette, Iowa by David Parsons

The family of David Gilson and Adelia Butler Parsons moved from Elgin, IL to Fayette, IA in 1857 with a team and surrey, and settled into a house near on a corner west of the Fayette grade school  (note, there was no official high school building until 1900, which was built at the west end of state in what is the Robertson's Addition on the map, bz)

LAND RECORDS FOR DAVID PARSONS (collected from Fayette County Iowa Courthouse, 1990, bz)--
Bought June 19, 18576, Lots 1, 2, 3, Block 22, Fayette, book I, page 10.
Bought June 20, 1859, Lot 19 in Jones Block of J.E. robertson Addition, Fayette, book I, page 8.
Bought June 20, 1859, Lot 11, Block 8, Fayette, book I.
Sold April 5, 1860, Lot 11, Block I, Fayette, book I, page 144.
Sold October 3, 1861, undivided 1/2, Losts 6, 7, 8, 9, Block 6, Fayette, book I, page 144.
Sold August 23, 2864, Lot 19, Jones Block, of Robertsons Addidtion, Fayette, book I.
Bought October 1865, Lots 3, 10, Block 8, Fayette.

Parsons listed in "the History of Fayette County 1878"
Parsons, E, farmer, Sec 32 of Fremont Twp, P.O. Sumner. 
Parsons, George, village of Fayette, carpenter.
Parsons, David Gilson, mentioned as an 1857 member of the M.E. Church

 Fayette County Census Data (keeping in mind early census takers were notorious for making up names, spellings, dates)
1860 Census
---Parsons, Alfred 35 PA farming in Windsor Twp west of West Union$800real estate/$600personal property and Hannah 32 PA, children Eliza E. 11 PA
---Parsons, David 52 NY farming in Westfield Twp, PO Westfield $6000re/$1000pp and Adelia 47 VT, children Julia A. 21 ILL Teacher, James W. 20 ILL Student, Lucretia 10 ILL, Mary E. 7 Ill

1870 Census
---Parsons, Dicky 62 NY farming in Westield $1500re/$550pp and Adelia 56 VT, children Lucretia 20, Mary 18
---Parsons, George 33 NY $2000re/$600pp carpenter and Eliz 27 VT
---Parsons, Harvey 62 VT farming in Center Twp west of Fayette and Addiline 51 NY, children Lyman 22 NY farming, Phila 18 WI, Wallis 15 WI
---Parsons, Alfred 45 farming in Windsor Twp, $1200/$750 and Hannah 42

1880 Census
---Parsons Alfred 55 farming in Windsor Twp and Hannah 53
---Parsons Geo W. 40 NY Chaise Maker in Clermont Twp and Rhoda 39 VT

1885 Census
---Parsons Geo W. 48 carpenter in Fayette and Eliza 46 living on Water Street
---Parsons Nelson 33 farming in Putnum SE corner of county and Julia 23, and Coral 27

1895 Census
---Parsons Geo W 58 retired in Fayette and Eliza 52

Some thoughts and questions regarding the Parsons in Fayette,  as of Feb 2001

From the time of arrival in 1857 (age 48) to time of death in 1872 (age 63) what was David Parsons doing for a living.  The Parsons are apparently living in town by 1859 on lots 1,2,3 in block 22, however, one note I have indicates he was farming.  

From Chats, 1939
This is a list of wagon owners taxed in Westfield township outside of the villages of Westfield and Fayette, but not taxes within adjacent townships.  Thus David Parsons had a wagon valued at $120, which would indicated, since he came to the Fayette area in 1857 and was immediately taxed, that the family may have traveled by wagon and team from Elgin, ILL, rather than surrey and team as indicated in one note.  These wagons listed as taxed, were farming wagons, thus although by 1859 when David bought lots 1,2,3 in block 22, he may have been farming on land on the fringes of the plotted area of Westfield/Fayette.  In 1857, there are only just a few buildings in the area of Fayette, and the area had only been platted for about two years.  This was the edge of the frontier, but would see explosive building by the late 1850's and into the 1860's with the town basically completely formed by the late 1870's, to be all that it would ever be, and remain relatively stable until into the 1960's when the decline would be just as rapid as big business began wiping out the small farms/businesses/villages.  Generally this list shows the very early farmers directly around the Westfield/Fayette village at a time when land was being "cleared" by hand and planted to small field for the very first crop by white settlers.

Some Wagons of 1857---As a clue to the names of some of the early local families the following list of 1857 wagon owning residents of what was then Westfield township, and what is not Fayette, Westfield, Center, Smithfield, Harlan and Scott townships, is published: E.D. Ash $80, Robert Alexander (three) $170, Harrison Butler (two) $60, Fauntley Ball $60, Hunting Barnes $40, Barker $35, Alfred Currier $40, C.C. Cole $60, John Dollarhide $70, Peter Davitt $60, John Douglass $35, Sion Dean $45, Joel Epps $25, D.E. Fussell $35, Jas. D. Fitch $35, A.R. Fields $75, E.R.W. Emmons $35, J.A. Griffith $100, David Gage $40, John Hanna $60, S.D. Helms $30, Abram B. Hershey $60, Ebenezer Hyde $60, John Kerr $50, John Mulhiehi $35, Hiram Marvin $65, J. H. Maxon $40, Foster Mitchell $30, Clark Newcomb $50, D.G. Parsons $120, Levi Bass $30, James E. Robertson $35, Samuel Robertson $70, M.H. Root $35, Williar Robins $40, R.S. Smirles $15, J.E. Smirles $40, Albert P. Staples $45, J.B. Sperry $45, Winslow Sterns $30, H.N. Sutton $90, Edwin Smith $30, A.E. Sawyer $40, Geo. W. Tyler $40, Joel H. Throp $40, Asa Walker $30, David Watrous $40.


Lots 6,7,8,9 in Block 6 are  the lots on which the Fayette House Hotel and Stables were sitting when sold in 1861.  Block number 6 needs to be revisited in the Fayette County Courthouse to see if there is an error in recording.  Could it be Block 6 in the Alexander or Robertson Additons?  I have not found any indications when copying "Chats with Old Timers" that David Parsons was involved in any of the business operation of the Hotel and Stable.  


What about David's wife Adelia's background??


"Parson's Grove" is mentioned in "Chats with Old Timers?"  This is an area on the crest of the hill between the villages of Westfield/Fayette, apparently owned by George Parsons.  Who is George W. Parsons??? 
There is another Parsons in Fayette.  Is George related to David Glison??  Today, in 2001, this area would be the land around the "new" water tower of the late 1900's.
From Chats 1939, THE PARSON'S GROVE
Some Fayette folks are grieved to see that Mr. U.J. Odell, who has purchased the property long know and occupied by George W. Parsons at the top of the Westfield Hill, has just cut down almost the last trees of what was sometimes called "The Parsons Grove."
  This attractive park-like area, on all of block six of Alexander's Addition to Fayette, being across the street north from the find maple grove and ginseng beds of the Charles Pooler place, has been one of the nearest things we have had to a natural park within the platted and built up portion of Fayette. I think I was told once that in early years this grove was used as a spot for public assembly. Will somebody give us the facts for a short obituary of this, our most recently deceased, local beauty spot? Mrs. Mary Grannis Hoyt indicated that what was Parsons' Grove was first called Hobson's Grove. Several others have verified this name for the place.


How long did the Parsons continue to live on the three lots near the school?  In the Robertson's girls door diary Lucretia is mentioned, which would indicate they were on the lots during the early 1870's.
From Chats 1939, The Robertsons' girls "diary'
The following are lead pencil entries on the unpainted side of a two-board wide closet door for an upstairs bedroom in the "James E. Robertson House" at Fayette, now owned by the Ladies' Professorship Association. The entries evidently were written by different Robertson girls. (full version found can be found in Chats linked off the Fayette History Index).
Apr5, 1871, party at Lucretia Parsons (note, at this time Lucretia was a teacher in the Fayette Schools, her family having lived opposite of the old school property in a place long occupied by the Van Sycles in the 1900's).



Descendant tree of David Gilson Parsons



1 David Gilson Parsons b: August 14, 1809 in Plattsburg, Clinton Co., New York d: May 11, 1872 in Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa Burial: Unknown Grandview Cemetery, Fayette, Iowa Age at Death (Facts Pg): 63 Migrated: January 10, 1857 Fayette, IA Occupation: Farmed (lived in town??)

- +Adelia Butler b: August 25, 1814 in Vermont m: January 06, 1835 in Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York d: November 14, 1873 in Fayette, IA Burial: Unknown Grandview Cemetery, Fayette, Iowa

---- 2 Robert McAllister b: Abt. 1830 in Ireland d: March 04, 1874 in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara Co., California Burial: March 06, 1874 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., California

---- 2 Julia A. Parsons b: August 04, 1838 in Elgin, Kane Co., IL d: January 12, 1873 in West Union, Fayette Co., IA

------- +Luther W. Waterbury m: June 11, 1863 in West Union, Fayette, Co., Iowa d: January 02, 1901 in Denver, CO

---------- 3 Lyle Waterbury b: March 06, 1865 in Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa d: February 08, 1866 in Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa Burial: February 09, 1866 Sec A, Lot 17, Grandview Cem, Fayette, Iowa

---------- 3 Charlotte "Lottie" Waterbury b: April 1869 in Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa d: September 01, 1938 in Pacific Palisades, California Burial: Unknown Forest Lawn Memorial Park

---------- 3 Lyle C. Waterbury b: December 1866 d: Unknown in Probably in Denver, CO

---- 2 James Wallace Parsons b: September 29, 1839 in Elgin, Kane Co., IL d: February 15, 1878 in West Union Burial: Unknown Odd Fellow's Cemetery in West Union, Iowa. Nickname: Wallace Occupation: 1877 Keeping Tavern and Postmaster, Sargent Station, Calif

---- 2 Mary Parsons b: September 10, 1843 d: January 15, 1844

---- 2 Lucretia Parsons b: December 12, 1850 in Elgin, Kane Co., IL d: October 08, 1926 in Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS Burial: October 09, 1926 Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas, Mt. Hope Cem. Residence: Topeka, KS Residence: Topeka, KS

------- +Wilson Mathew Forbes b: February 28, 1847 in Decatur Co., Indiana m: August 05, 1874 in Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa d: May 15, 1923 in Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas Burial: Unknown Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas, Mt. Hope Cem.

---------- 3 Charles Parsons Forbes b: December 07, 1875 in Burlington, Iowa d: March 10, 1880 in Beatrice, Nebraska

---------- 3 Robert Lyle Forbes b: June 27, 1877 in Beatrice, Nebraska d: Abt. 1944 in Topeka , Kansas Burial: Unknown Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas

---------- 3 Frank Elmer Forbes b: November 17, 1878 in Beatrice, Nebraska d: December 1971 in Berkeley, California Burial: December 10, 1971 El Cerrito, Contra Costa Co., California, Sunset Mausoleum

-------------- +Matie Ethel Waterbury b: August 07, 1891 in Sharon Springs, Wallace Co., Kansas m: August 26, 1913 in Berkeley, Alameda Co., California d: May 19, 1981 in Berkeley, Alameda Co., California, Elmwood Conv Hos Burial: Unknown El Cerrito, Contra Costa Co., California, Sunset Mausoleum

----------------- 4 Wilson Randall Forbes b: Private

-------------------- +Edna Maren Haumann b: Private m: Private

----------------------- 5 Carol Esther Forbes b: 1940 in Chico, Butte Co., California d: 1940 in Chico, Butte Co., California Burial: Unknown Chico, Butte Co., California

----------------------- 5 Marcia True Forbes b: Private

-------------------------- +James Robert Loudon b: Private m: Private

----------------------- 5 Susan Christine Forbes b: Private

-------------------------- +Marvin Arthur Larsen b: Private m: Private

----------------- 4 Frank Roy Forbes b: Private

-------------------- +Barbara Jeanette Johnson b: Private m: Private

----------------- 4 Rachel Carol Forbes b: Private

-------------------- +Floyd Edgar Luther b: 1917 in Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co., California m: Private d: 1989 in Berkeley, Alameda Co., California

----------------- 4 Robert Carroll Forbes b: 1927 in Berkeley, Alameda Co., California d: 1999 in El Cerrito, Contra Costa Co., California Burial: 1999 Lafayette, Contra Costa Co., California, Queen of Heaven Cem.

-------------------- +Helen Ernestine Schwartz b: Private m: Private

---------- 3 [1] Carroll Ralph Forbes b: April 18, 1882 in Beatrice, Nebraska d: January 20, 1950 in Pasadena, Log Angeles Co., California

-------------- +Bertie Love d: Unknown

---------- *2nd Wife of [1] Carroll Ralph Forbes:

-------------- +Zella Buck d: Unknown

---------- *3rd Wife of [1] Carroll Ralph Forbes:

-------------- +Harriet Colmann b: November 18, 1874 in Logensport, Indiana m: June 23, 1917 in Kansas City, Kansas d: Unknown

---------- 3 Roy Parsons Forbes b: September 24, 1888 in Topeka, Kansas d: November 08, 1943 in Denver, Colorado

-------------- +Madeline Whitney b: Abt. 1890 in New York d: 1978

---- 2 Mary Elizabeth Parsons b: January 10, 1852 in Elgin, IL d: June 26, 1944 in Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa Burial: Unknown Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa, Grandview Cem. Age at Death (Facts Pg): 1944 92yrs5mo16days Migrated: 1857 Fayette, IA, with parents, from Elgin, IL

------- +Valentine E. Strayer b: November 12, 1848 in Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Missouri m: December 11, 1873 in West Union, IA d: November 14, 1937 in Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa Burial: 1937 Grandview Cemetery, Fayette, Iowa Migrated: 1854 Freeport, IA, with family. Residence: Bet. 1871 - 1874 Principal of Calmar Schools Residence: Bet. 1871 - 1874 Principal of Calmar Schools

---------- 3 Genevieve Strayer b: in Calmar, Iowa d: Unknown Burial: Unknown Grandview Cemetery, Fayette, Iowa Residence: Abt. 1910 McIntosh, SD Residence: Abt. 1910 McIntosh, SD

-------------- +Clark H. Belknapp m: Bef. 1890 in Iowa d: Unknown

----------------- 4 Jamieson Ray Belknapp b: February 1899 d: September 1982 in Phoenix, AZ Residence: 1955 Madison, Wisconsin Residence: 1955 Madison, Wisconsin

-------------------- +Della Marie McWatty b: Private m: Private

----------------------- 5 [2] Gearld Andrew Belknapp b: Private

-------------------------- +Dolly Snyder b: Private m: Private

----------------------------- 6 Christine Belknapp b: Private

----------------------------- 6 David Belknapp b: Private

----------------------- *2nd Wife of [2] Gearld Andrew Belknapp:

-------------------------- +Sylvia Foster b: Private m: Private

----------------------------- 6 Amy Belknapp b: Private

----------------------------- 6 Robert Belknapp b: Private

----------------------- 5 Roland Clark Belknapp b: Private

-------------------------- +Mary Jeanee Trujillo b: Private m: Private

----------------------------- 6 Diana Lynn Belknapp b: Private

--------------------------------- +Mark Christensen b: Private m: Private

------------------------------------ 7 Trevor Christensen b: Private

------------------------------------ 7 Connor Christensen b: Private

----------------------------- 6 Michael Steven Belknapp b: Private

--------------------------------- +Kimberley Fuscoso b: Private m: Private

----------------------------- 6 Susan Mary Belknapp b: Private

----------------------------- 6 Matthew John Belknapp b: Private

----------------- 4 Hugh Belknapp b: 1903 d: 1987 in North Hollywood, California Residence: 1979 North Hollywood, California Residence: 1979 North Hollywood, California

-------------------- +Alberta d: 1980 in North Hollywood, California

---------- 3 Robert E. Strayer b: August 21, 1877 in Near Calmar, Iowa d: March 03, 1953 in Hosipital in Des Moines, Iowa Occupation: Railroad engineer Residence: 1877 Calmar, IA Residence: 1877 Calmar, IA

-------------- +Alice Frances Myrtle Finch b: June 18, 1877 in Illyra Twp., Fayette Co, IA m: November 09, 1899 in Fayette d: March 1939 Residence: Fayette, IA Residence: Fayette, IA

----------------- 4 Raoul Robert Strayer b: April 17, 1903 in Savannah, IL d: Unknown in Des Moines, IA Burial: Unknown Marion, Iowa

-------------------- +Marcellitte Edith b: June 20, 1909 in Wisconsin m: February 13, 1932 in Chicao, IL d: July 1999 in Laramie, WY, residence of son Robert. Burial: Unknown Marion, Iowa

----------------------- 5 Phyllis Diane Strayer b: Private

-------------------------- +Unknown Brown b: Private m: Private

----------------------- 5 Robert Conrad Strayer b: Private

----------------------- 5 [3] Elizabeth Jeanne Strayer b: Private

-------------------------- +William Lowell Turk b: Private m: Private

----------------------------- 6 William Lowell Turk Grove b: Private

--------------------------------- +Claudia Spain b: Private m: Private

------------------------------------ 7 Nickolas Grove b: Private

------------------------------------ 7 Alexander DeSacie Grove b: Private

------------------------------------ 7 Haley Isabella Grove b: Private

----------------------------- 6 Kristyn Elizabeth Turk Grove b: Private

--------------------------------- +William Anthony Aboat b: Private m: Private

----------------------- *2nd Husband of [3] Elizabeth Jeanne Strayer:

-------------------------- +Lawrence Eugene Grove b: Private m: Private

----------------------- 5 Marianne Alice Strayer b: Private

-------------------------- +Unknown Seibert b: Private m: Private

----------------- 4 Blanche Strayer b: June 17, 1906 in Savannah, IL d: December 07, 1939 in Marion, IA

---------- 3 Reuben A. Strayer b: December 05, 1888 d: August 1964 in Seattle, WA Burial: Unknown Seattle, WA Age at Death (Facts Pg): 78

-------------- +Sname Maude Bailey m: in Cresco, Iowa d: Unknown

----------------- 4 Virgina Strayer b: Private

----------------- 4 Gene Strayer b: Private

---------- 3 Katherine Strayer b: February 20, 1889 in Calmar, IA d: December 11, 1949 in Cleveland, OH

-------------- +Edward Walter Dennis d: August 08, 1949

---------- 3 Winifred Strayer b: January 1893 d: Unknown Occupation: 1909 Teaching Maple Grove School District #1, in Center TWP., Fayette, Iowa

-------------- +Walter Reuben Hunt d: Unknown

----------------- 4 Donald Rueben Hunt b: Private

-------------------- +Ruth Pfieffer b: Private m: Private

----------------------- 5 Donna Ruth Hunt b: Private

----------------------- 5 Henry Donald Hunt b: Private

----------------- 4 Eleanor Winnifred Hunt b: 1919 in Fayette, Iowa d: 1965 in Fayette, Iowa

-------------------- +Theo Marcus Zbornik b: 1919 in Fayette, Iowa d: 1985 in Waterloo, Iowa

----------------------- 5 Barry Marcus Zbornik b: Private

----------------------- 5 Winnie Mae Zbornik b: Private



Northampton Vital Records
Northampton Marriages 


David and Adelia Butler Parsons are
buried in Grandview Cemetery, at Fayette, Iowa.
Grandview Cemetery  Index


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