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Have you ever gotten a chill down your spine for no reason?

Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you?

Have you ever heard a noise you just can't explain?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions then maybe..... just maybe you have been touched by something of another world.... maybe a restless spirit waiting for the chance to torment you..... or maybe a loved one gone on before you not yet ready to leave your side.......

Please take the time to surf this page a little.... These are all true stories..... to the best of my knowledge..... of actual encounters that have happened through out the state of Iowa and other areas of the world....these could have happened at a place you have visited.... or to your neighbor...

If you would like to submit an encounter that has happened to you..... please email it to me... I would love to hear about it..... and would really enjoy posting it....

Click on the encounter that you would like to read about.... I hope you enjoy these frightful unexplainable happenings.

Haunting Stories

The incident.
The Grave.
Haunted House....I swear..
Ghost in the House.
Cries of Sorrow.
Strange sighting in Malcom.
Something differant in the Cemetary.
I won't go back.
Our House.
Wassonville Cemetary.
House in the middle of nowhere.
My Ghost (By Kimberly).
College ghost. (By Candace Maria).
The Moving Cemetary. (By Aisling)
Ghost of Bagby Road. (By Michael R Patterson).
Mars Hill. (By Shaun U) .
Protective Spirit. (Monkey Boy)
Strange Noise in the Attic. (My Baby Eddie) .
The Old School House (by:Shaunee Dietze) NEW

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