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These images were all made by me, using various software packages. They are designed to be used as desktop wallpapers, so feel free to use them as such. I ask that you please do not use them in publications, blah, blah, blah... I guess I can't stop you from doing it, but there I said it. :)

Image Preview Name / Notes Date Added Dimensions Size


My first image.

11/23/2000 1280x1024 117kb


Ahhh... Paradise :) I think the people in the hot air balloon had to abandon ship.

11/23/2000 1600x1200 119kb

Altered Horizons

Feels like falling out of a helicopter huh? A simple image, but effective.

11/23/2000 1280x1024 62kb

Sunlit Planets

Trippy dude...

11/23/2000 1600x1200 159kb

Magic Mountain

My first run-in with Poser 4. I think that guy's got a problem.

11/23/2000 1600x1200 79kb

Glittering Gem

Yep. It glitters....

11/23/2000 1600x1200 318kb

The Lost Orb

Who could lose something like that?

11/23/2000 1600x1200 114kb

Forgotten Cave

Pretty rough, but kinda cool.

11/23/2000 1600x1200 119kb


This one actually does have a meaning.

11/23/2000 1600x1200 272kb