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Magic Items

"My army does not rely on my superb strategies alone, manthing," the rat-lord sneers. "Come, follow-follow. I will show you some items that help the battle swing in the Skaven's favor." He rises and motions to your Stormvermin guards. They shove you to your feet with the butts of their halbreds and herd you after the Clanlord.

Gnashik opens a heavy wooden door bound in iron and motions for you to enter. You duck into the small room and look about as the rat-man lights a torch to better illuminate the room. The sudden burst of light nearly blinds you after so long in near darkness. When you can once again see, you gaze at the wonderous items arrayed about the room. Clanlord Gnashik motions to them with a flourish and begins to describe some of the unique ones.

The Ingenius Devices of Clan Skryre

Verminwyrd; 15 points; Arcane; Skaven Grey Seers Only:
A Verminwyrd is a glossy black demon rat with piercing red eyes. Grey Seers summon these demonic familiars which feed on harmful warpstone emanations.

A Grey Seer who has a Verminwyrd familiar can re-roll warpstone dice that result in a 1. The second roll stands even if it is another 1. Note that this re-roll cannot prevent a Miscast (it only prevents the wound a 1 would cause) or create Irresistable Force.

The Staff of Vermin; 50 points; Arcane; Skaven Grey Seers Only:
The Staff of Vermin is blessed with the power of the Horned Rat to summon forth the Skaven's lesser cousins to further his aims. It contains a powerful spell of vermin-summoning. A constant chittering and squeaking can be heard emiting from the staff.

Once per battle, during the magic phase, the Staff of Vermin can summon forth a swarm of rats anywhere within 12" of the bearer. The swarm can be placed in contact with the enemy when summoned, but do not count as charging. The swarm is, in all other respects, a Rat Swarm base. However, it does not have to join up with any other rat swarms that may be on the battlefield.

Tome of The Horned Rat; 75 points; Arcane; Skaven Grey Seers Only:
This book contains powerful knowledge related to the Skaven's practice of magic. The warp-infused power is so great that only the Horned Rat's prophets, the Grey Seers, can fathom it. Even then, their sanity is not ensured, for no mortal being was ever meant to know such infernal information. This causes the reader to forget some of what he has learned.

Roll D6 before the game and consult the following chart:

1: Warp-Power: The Grey Seer adds an extra dice (Power or Dispel) to his pool each magic phase.
2: Warpstone Tolerance: Ignore all wounds caused by rolling a 1 when consuming warpstone to power a spell.
3: Favor of the Horned Rat: The Grey Seer gets D3 re-rolls for the game. They can only be used in the Magic Phase. Note that these re-rolls can cause Irresistable Force and negate a Miscast.
4: Daemonic Tutoring: Player may choose one spell from the Skaven spell list, the remaining spells are generated at random as normal.
5: Warp-Energy: Player may choose one of the Grey Seer's spells to be cast without expending any Power Dice. The spell is cast at the minimum power level required. The spell can be dispelled as normal.
6: Infernal Blessing: The Horned Rat has taken a personal interest in the Grey Seer. Do not set up the Grey Seer at the beginning of the battle. Roll D6 each magic phase to see if he returns from the Horned Rat's realm. On a result of 6, the Grey Seer returns. Place the model anywhere within 6 inches of a Skaven unit. The Grey Seer adds +1 to all casting rolls. The player may choose all of his spells from the Skaven spell list.

Banner of Pestilence; 75 points; Banner; Bubonic Court Armies Only:
A Saurus hide that is ritually submerged in a vat of infectious filth before a battle. The banner bolsters the virulent diseases that all Clan Pestilens Skaven carry.

Once per game the Skaven player may unleash the pestilence within the banner at the beginning of any Close Combat Phase. Any units in hand to hand combat with the unit carrying it suffers D6 wounds +1 for each rank bonus the Skaven unit has. Distribute the hits as per missile fire.

Scrying Glass; 30 points; Common; Arcane:
A sphere of the clearest crystal. When concentrated upon and the winds of magic are focused into it, visions of other places appear. This form of clairvoyance can become quite addicting to the unwary.

The wizard knows an additional spell in addition to the ones he is entitled.

Scrye: Cast on 5+. The wizard nominates any spot on the table. He can determine line of sight for all of his spells this turn from that spot as if he were an individual character. In addition, all spells cast through the Scrying Glass have their casting cost increased by +1. This is due to the distortion and difficulty involved in casting a spell through the magical clairvoyance.

Roll D6 after each turn it is used, on a roll of 6 the wizard becomes entranced by the visions swirling within the crystal. The wizard can take no actions, all hand-to-hand attacks automatically hit him, and he cannot sustain remains in play spells until he passes an unmodified Leadership test (even if normally Immune to Psychology) at the beginning of any of his Magic Phases.