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These pages were made especially for you. I know what children enjoy because God blessed me with three little ones of my own.  And the links below I have enjoyed with all three of them, alot of times.  They had a lot of fun, and I know you will too.

They are very safe to visit because God is here with you.  Did you know that God loves you very much?  He created you and me.  He created everything!!!
But, I bet you already knew that.

I have some great links here for you and God, or your friends or family, to have fun together with.  God is a loving Father who enjoys seeing his children having fun in a good, wholesome way.

Soon I will have some new pages with great games and coloring pages and all sorts of stuff for you.  But, while you're waiting for me to finish these pages for you, visit the great places I picked out for you.  I think you'll have a lot of fun at them.  And don't forget to bookmark this page to see what I add in the future.  HAVE FUN!
If You're the adventurous type, 
below are places I know you'll like.
Christian Applets Ministry 
The Newest Web site Technology Shockwave Graphics! These shockwave games are high quality moving graphics and sounds. Just like you would see on TV. As with any new wonderful creation, some  people create these games for good, and some evil people create evil games. At  
Christian Applets Ministry they have gone out of their way to view each game and only list the games that are family safe for viewing. No role playing or any evil graphics here!  They won't allow it to be on their Games list.  They care about providing a safe environment for your Christian family. 
And while you're there visit the Movie Theater
Concert for Jesus! Come relax with these singing scriptures to refresh your soul. Great pictures of America, with inspiring Bible verses. 
Christianland Newest Movies Theater On Line! Using real audio & video player technology to view an entire movie on your computer. Grab the popcorn and the kids and come over to the Christian Theater. It is SHOW TIME.  

Note: Christianland Staff also owns the web site called BIBLE SCRIPTURES TRUTHS. They ran out of room to add more exciting features. So they expanded to tripod web site.

If You're The Gentle, Quiet, Shy Sort Of Type, 
This Place is just right for you.

If You Like To Read, Listen To Stories & Songs, And Just Plain Have Fun then 
Here's just the right Place for you.

Check Out The Larry Boy Webring Below For Other Veggie Tale Sites!!!!

If You Like Bible Adventures,
Visit these wonderful places.

Fun and Games for the whole family. Apple Sauce Kids contains lots of group games and activities.  Everything is divided into: Age, Just for Fun, Christian, and Educational groups. The rules for all of these games and activities can be printed out and you can use them for family reunions, churches, clubs, schools, Sunday Schools and any place people of all ages get together.

Would You Like To Learn A Prayer With Me?

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I would like to thank the people below who helped contribute to this page by supplying  their wonderful animated gifs.  Please visit their sites.  If I am using your graphics and have not given you credit, please e-mail me so I can correct my error and give you the credit you so well earned and deserve.
Animated Christian Graphics by ICT

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