Why Men are Scum

Men, more like boys, are nothing but a hunk of crusty scum that needs to go on a date with the Scrubbin' Bubbles. Here is a few of the many reason why guyz are major scum.

  1. They are only nice when they are by themselves, when they are with there friends, they snob girls
  2. They only have 3 things on their minds: sports, sex, and what's for dinner
  3. They don't care if you are upset with them
  4. They don't care how they look, and say they dont' care how girls look..but they do.
  5. they think they are the greatest at EVERYTHING
  6. they talk bad about EVERYONE
  7. they have split personalities
  8. they think drinking and doing drugs will make them cool or something.
  9. They seem to forget about you when out in public.
  10. They think that they can get by with never doing anything with you until they want some.
  11. they think that being an ass out in public to there girlfriends makes them look "cool"

More to come!

My Perfect Man