My Perfect Man

Okay Here it is... My list of what i want in a man. Me and Mandy always talk about doing this and here mine is.

1.Dark Hair-dark eyes, or ocean blue eyes.. YUMMY
2.Right around 6 foot
3.Will SPOON me! ;) (meaning will be cuddlie!)
4.Drug Free except for special occasions
5.Isnt anymore of an @$$hole than i am a B*tch
6.Wanna makeout?
7.Can have a Farting contest and not think that it is totally disgusting for a girl to be a better farter.
8.Will "stalk" me to a certain extent
9.Funnier than Me!
10.Will talk to me every day of the week not just when he wants some-or something!
11.Smells good
12.Buys me lots of stuff (that doesnt include stuff out of those 50 cent machines)
14.Will give me LOTS and LOTS of HUGS!!
15.Someone who gives good back massages on a regular basis
16.Will do many romantic things, like pinics in the park, Little cute love notes in my e-mail and my locker, candle light dinners, etc.
17. Someone to whisper sweet nothings into my ear
18. someone that will hug me and just let me cry.
20. To know that they WANT to be with/around Me.
21. Someone thats not going to make fun of me when im having a "down-day" and for them to ask me what is wrong and COMFORT ME!
22. Show some affection towards me in school even if its just coming up to MY locker and talking to ME.
23. Will not only just listen to my feelings, but also tell me his.
24. Plays the guitar, and will sing sweet love songs to me.

Why Men are Scum