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Saguache, Colorado
West Side of Main Street - Dallas Block

The next building to the north is also owned by Antiques, Etc. In the early days, Geo. W. Beckley ran a grocery and meat store at this location.  It was in 1902 that twelve year old Cora Tarbell was killed in front of this store by an accidental shotgun blast.  When her father returned from going into the store, a dog jumped into the buggy and hit the trigger of a shotgun carried in the buggy.  In my time, several people had dry goods stores at this location.  Names that come to mind are Bess Sherman,  R. R. Tarbell, and Hartogs. 

Birt Clare had a small shoe shop in the north section of the building in the 50ís.  Its door and windows were boarded up in the past and are now covered with the Pepsi sign.  Jack Dennerline ran a hardware store for a few years.  The Lamar Howard family bought the hardware store and operated it for a few years.  The building stood vacant for many years until about twenty years ago when Frank Bonasso made it into his artistís studio and living quarters.  About three years ago Rick Barandes and Leslie Griffith remodeled the structure to be part of their antiques store. 

There is a picture that shows a hotel sign on part of this building probably about the turn of the century.