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Chair / Workplace Massage

What does the media say about massage?

  • "A growing number of USA firms are curbing employee stress by offering free or low-cost massage right at the office." USA Today

  • "Massage has become a weekly to routine for people in high pressure jobs who seek stress reduction." Changing Times

  • "Massage has been reborn as a hands-on stress management technique: Not only can it untie physical knots, but it can also clear your head and release the tension of the workplace." Savvy Magazine

  • "After massage, office workers completed a math test more quickly and with fewer errors." Life Magazine

  • "Americans are rediscovering the value of the ancient healing art of massage, once a luxury item for the elite, is becoming a necessity for people trying to cope with fast-paced lives." New York Times

  • "A glance around many conference rooms is all thatís needed to understand why massage has emerged as an increasingly popular remedy for the ills brought on by corporate pressures. So, at your next meeting, refresh and rejuvenate your attendees during a break or at the conclusion of a long, demanding day. Engage a qualified massage therapist." Meetings and Conventions Magazine

  • "Massage is fast emerging as Americansí favorite antidote to that ancient Grinch: stress." Time Magazine

  • "Massage has gone mainstream." Newsweek

  • "If you have never had a massage, it is hard to comprehend its totally relaxing, nearly miraculous soothing powers..." New York Post
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