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Laos List Summary - "Z"

Names in Red were Casualties

Z004 Fred W. Zabitosky C&C MACV SOG Recon Team Leader South Laos
Z005 Andrew G. (Andy) Zdebski VO 67, NKP, TH Plane Captain Bailed out OP2E and rescued 2/27/68, South Laos
Z001 Robert L. (Zeb) Zebornak Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC Savannakhet (L39) 1968
Z006 Lloyd Zimmerman Air America? PC6 Pilot North Laos
Z002 Robert Zimmerman      
Z003 Robert J. Zukowski 34 TFS, Takhli/Korat, Thailand F105D Pilot MIA/KIA 2/11/69, South Laos

Last Table Update: 5 August 2004  

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