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War in the Shadows - The Secret War in Laos

From the mid-1950s to 1975, a Secret War was waged in a remote corner of Southeast Asia known as the Kingdom of Laos. This important part of the larger Vietnam Conflict remains a mystery to most Americans, including many veterans that served in Vietnam. This is not surprising.  Wartime official denials, previous operational secrecy, the region's physical remoteness and security classification of materials all contributed to the lack of knowledge of the "Secret War". For the most part, these impediments have been removed and the documentation of what happened is slowly underway. The challenge now is to bring together the disparate parts so as to tell a coherent story. This site tells different parts of the Laos experience.  

"The Day We Lost the Hoss" is a personal account of the loss of a friend who was killed in South Laos in 1968. 

The "Laos List" is a long-term research effort to document who was there and who was doing what when and why. 

The "Laos Incident List" consolidates incidents that occurred in Laos, including aircraft accidents and shootdowns, rescues, and ground incidents.

The "Reflections" are photos of activities that occurred during 1968 and 1969.

The "Lao Alpha List" is a name listing of people that were in Laos.

"Aircraft Registration" is a documenting of military and non-military aircraft that operated during the Secret War.

"Laos Airfield Information" is a documenting of Lima numbered airfields that operated during the Secret War.

Our aim is to contribute to the legacy and knowledge of American activities associated with Laos during this period.

The Laos List

Who was there:
when, where and  why
Laos List Statistics

The Laos Incident List

A chronology of incidents, casualties, rescues and events

Last Update: 22 April 2010
The Day We Lost the Hoss

The Last Flight of Forward Air Controller Hoss McBride, Raven 30 - 27 November 1968

Photo Gallery
Secret War Reflections
Photo albums
Laos List Alpha Roster

Last Update: November 2011
Aircraft Registration Files

Last Update: 11 October 2007

Raven Aircraft Files

Last Update: 26 March 2008
Laos Airfield Information

Last Update: 15 August 2005

Laos Lima Site Information (under construction)

Last Update: 06 March 2006

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