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Laos List Summary - "P"

Names in Red were Casualties

P23 William E. Page LTAG/Hotfoot FA-9 Detachment Commander Savannakhet
P1 Thomas H. (Tom) Palmer Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
P15 Eleazer Parmley Program Evaluation Office Senior PEO Savannakhet Savannakhet
P18 Raymond F. Parks White Star MTT Team Intelligence MIA - Air 7/4/62
P16 Rod Paschall US Embassy Army Advisor, Assistant ARMA North Laos
P2 Robert H. Passman Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC Long Tieng (LS20A)
P3 Vincent J. Pastore Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
P4 Andrew L. Patten Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
P5 Richard B. Patterson FONT> Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
P19 Paul C. Payne LTAG/Hotfoot & White Star MTT Team Sergeant Savannakhet, Moung Huon & Nam Tha
P22 William H. Pells White Star MTT FB-7 Light Weapons? Savannakhet
P24 Charles (Slats) Petry SOG RT Iowa Team Leader "One-Zero" S Laos vic Rte 165
P6 Paul (Pappy) Pettigrew US Embassy Air Attache Vientiane USEMB
P7 Terry L. Pfaff Det 1, 56SOW? Raven FAC Long Tieng (LS20A) & Pakse (L11)
P8 Elbert A. Phillips Det 1, 56SOW Medic Vientiane; Killed (Air) 8/28/68, Non-hostile Casualty
P20 Richard (Dick) Pierides Project 404 Air Intelligence Technician Vientiane
P- Lowell Pirkle Air America Flight Mechanic Killed 8/3/67 North Laos
P9 Alfred G. (Fred) Platt Det 1, 56SOW Raven 47 Long Tieng (LS20A)
P15 William E. Platt Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
P21 Charles O (Chas) Plummer White Star MTT FB-7 S-1 NCO Savannakhet
P10 Karl L. Polifka, Jr. Det 1, 56SOW Raven 45 Long Tieng (LS20A)
P17 David Pompili Project 404 Army Advisor; Operation Stranglehold Support Savannakhet; Moung Soui (L108) 1968-1969
P11 Joseph W. (Joe) Potter Det 1, 56SOW   Long Tieng (LS20A)
P14 David S. Price Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green Radar Controller MIA/KIA 3/11/68, Phou Pha Thi (LS85)
P12 Claude S. Puckett Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC Savannakhet (L39)
P13 Jay R. Puckett Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  

Last Table Update: 19 December 2004  

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