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Laos List Summary - "L"

Names or locations in Red indicate Casualties

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L057 Paul Albert Lagenour US Army Helicopter passenger 31 March 1971. Hostile missing returned to military control
L001 Blake M. Lancaster Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
L002 Wayne Landon 1SOW AOC Commander Savannakhet (L39)
L003 Bruce R. (Rusty) Lang Project 404 SF Communications Long Tieng (LS20A)
L014 Richard H. Langford Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green   Pho Pha Thi (LS85);
L004 Wendall L. (Lash) Lasher   Intelligence Officer Vientiane
L005 Edward W. Lauffer Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
L015 William Law US Embassy Army Attache Vientiane USEMB
L023 James H. (Big Knife) Lawrence 56SOW, NKP Explosive Ordmance Disposal Savannakhet (L39)
L025 Delmar L. (Outlaw) Laws SOG Recon Team Member KIA Co Roc Mountain 29 July 1966
L013 Donald R. Layman Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green Team Chief Phou Pha Thi (LS85)
L017 Michael L. (Mike) Layton White Star MTT FTT-2A Detatchment Executive Officer Xieng Khouang
L006 Thomas Edward (Tom) Lee Project 404 Intelligence Officer Savannakhet (L39)
L028 Douglas Paul Lefever 497 TFS, 8 TFW F4D Pilot KIA South Laos 5 November 1969
L019 George Legg Project 404 Army Advisor Ban Khay
L007 James F. Lemon Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
L20 Andrew (Andy) Leonard US Embassy? Assistant Army Attache Vientiane
L043 Edward Watson Leonard, Jr. 602 ACS A1H Pilot Captured South Laos 31 May 1968. POW of NVA. Released 28 March 1973
L008 J. Ross Leonard Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
L013 Ron Letterman      
L009 Karl W. Leuschner 1SOW AOC Commander Savannakhet (L39) 1969
. James W. Lewis 8TBS, 405 TFW B57B Pilot KIA South Laos 7 April 1965
L010 Theodore H. (Ted) Liebig, Jr. Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
L011 Raymond A. Liss Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
L080 James D. Locker 37 ARRS CH-3E Pararescueman MIA. Shot down attempting rescue 9 June 1968
L026 Stephen G. (Steve) Long 23 TASS O2A Pilot Shot down and captured 2/28/69; Imprisoned NVN, Returned 1973
L021 Merle E. Loobey White Star MTT FTT-2 Demolition Specialist Ban Houei Sai
L018 John T. Little LTAG/Hotfoot/White Star MTT Commander Vientiane
L081 J. T. Lombard Det 1, 37 ARRS CH3 Pararescueman 8 November 1967. Rescue Alert at LS36
L024 Henry J. Lucas White Star MTT FB-7 S-4 NCO Savannakhet (L39)
L016 Robert M. (Robin) Luketina White Star MTT Commander FTT-21 Seno
L022 Roland H. (Hap) Lutz 1 SOW? Aeromedical Superintendent Savannakhet (L39)
L012 William J. Lutz Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
L027 Doyle Wilmer Lynn VF111 F8D Pilot Shot down Central Laos 6/7/64; Evaded and rescued 6/8/64

, Last Table Update: 25 December 2005  

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