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Laos List Summary - "I"

Names or locations in Red indicate Casualties

Note: This summary list may not agree with the corresponding detailed list due to ongoing updates.

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I007 G. H. Ihli Project 404? AOC Commander Pakse (L-11) 1972-1973
I009 Raymond Paul Ilg ? ? ?
I006 J. Ingalls USAF? Pilot A1E Rescued 30 April 1966
I012 Mike Ingram . . .
I001 James E. Ipsen LTAG/Hotfoot & White Star MTT Team Commander Pakse, Thakhek & Khou Cha Cham
I003 Robert Newell Ireland 16SOS, Ubon, Thailand AC130A Crew MIA/KIA-BNR 22 April 1970 South Laos
I011 Loy M. (Rusty) Irons Air America Bell 204/UH1 Flight Engineer Country wide 1965-?
I004 Wayne C. Irsch   F4D GIB MIA/KIA-BNR 9 January 1968; South Laos
I013 Ralph Irvine . . .
I010 Andrew L. Irzyk White Star MTT Radio Operator FA-74 Luang Prabang 1961
I002 George H. Isley LTAG/Hotfoot Team Commander FA-58 Savannakhet
I008 John R. Isselin Project 404 Communications Supervisor, JANAF Comm Office 1970-1971 Vientiane 1970-1971
I005 Andrew Ivan, Jr. 13TFS, Udorn, TH F4D Pilot MIA/KIA-BNR 10 September 1971; Vic Ban Ban

Last Table Update: 17 May 2006  

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