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Laos List Summary - "H"

Names or Locations in Red indicates Casualties

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H140 John Hackett USAID Field Service Representative - Transportation Vientiane 1967
H017 Ronald H. (Ron) Haden 1 Mob Installation Team Electronic Communication & Crypto Maintenance Phou Pha Thi (LS85) 1967
H129 Loren E. Haffner IGY, USAID IGY Earth Scientist 1959; Director of Field Operations 1965-1967 & 1969-1973 Vientiane? 1959, 1965-67, 1969-1973
H088 Michael E. (Mike) Hagan MACVSOG Team Member Operation Tailwind South Laos September 1970
H077 John Robert Hagan USMC Crew O1G KIA 6 May 1969 South Laos
H039 James (Jim) Hagey Task Force Alpha, NKP Thailand Intelligence Officer Savannakhet (L39) 1969
H094 Walter R. Hall 176 Avn Co Door Gunner UH1H KIA 22 March 1971 Lam Son 719 South Laos
H144 James Haldeman International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1962-1964
H145 Simon Hale International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1960-1962
H018 Willis R. Hall Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green Electronic Communication & Crypto Maintenance Phou Pha Thi (LS85) MIA/KIA 11 March 1968
H097 Halpin 16 SOS Crew AC130 KIA 29 March 1972 South Laos
H103 Hamacher Waterpump T-28 Support Vientiane (L08) 1964
H028 James Hamerle White Star MTT? Army Advisor MR1 1962?
H132 Hamilton Project 404 Communications Vientiane? 1970-1971
H119 Gilbert L. Hamilton MACVSOG Spike Team Member KIA 2 February 1968 South Laos
H117 Raymond E. Hamilton Project 404? Intelligence Officer Vientiane 1970-1972
H020 Duane Hammer International Volunteer Service (IVS), USAID IVS 1961-1963, USAID Area Coodinator 1964 Luang Prabang 1964
H001 Gene D. Hamner Det 1, 56SOW FAC - Raven 12  
H146 Walt Haney International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1968-1970
H080 Larry James Hanley USAF Pilot F105D MIA/KIA 4 November 1969
H002 Theodore L. Hanson Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC Long Tieng (LS20A)
H104 J. N. Hardin USAF AOC Radio Operator Pakse (L11) 1972
H096 Hardy USAF Pilot OV10A KIA 14 March 1972 South Laos
H164 Heinz A. Hardy Det 4, 1st CEG TSQ Installation Team Member Phou Pha Thi (LS85) 1967
H003 Jerry N. Hare Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
H165 Edward W. Harkins Det 3, 1st CEG TSQ Installation Team Member Phou Pha Thi (LS85) 1967
H041 Lee Dufford Harley 23 TASS Forward Air Controller, Gombey 19 MIA/KIA 18 May 1966 South Laos
H123 Donald E. Harp Det 1, 56SOW   Pakse (L11) 1969-1970
H076 Harrigan MACVSOG Assistant Patrol Leader Exploitation Force KIA 23 April 1969 South Laos
H105 David Harrington Det 6 1 ACW Waterpump   Vientiane (L08) 1964
H115 David B. Harrington USA Advisor to FAN Artillery Battalion Moung Soui (L108) 1966
H120 Mike Harrington USA Pilot? AH1G? Crashed, WIA and rescued. March 1971 Lam Son 719 support
H040 Daniel (Dan) Harris 56SOW Explosive Ordnance Disposal Savannakhet (L39)
H147 Dugger Harris International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1963-1965
H143 Richard S. Harris USAF AFSC 42670 TDY to Savannakhet (L39) 1968
H085 Stephen W. Harris 16 SOS Crew AC-130 KIA 22 April 1970 South Laos
H004 Thomas A. Harris Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC  
H115 Donald Harrison 281 AHC Aircraft Commander UH1D KIA 2 December 1966 South Laos
H082 Patrick T. Harrold USAF Crew F4E KIA 5 December 1969 North Laos
H005 Melville D Hart, Jr. Project 404? AIRA Ops Supply & Maintenance Officer Vientiane
H098 T. T. Hart 16 SOS Table Navigator AC130 KIA/MIA 21 December 1972 South Laos
H148 Rober Harter International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1967-1969
H070 Gregg Hartness USAF Pilot O2A KIA/MIA 26 November 1968 South Laos
H038 William L. Hartsog Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green   Phou Pha Thi (LS85) North Laos
H006 Howard K. Hartley USAF   Vientiane?
H063 John Francis Hartzheim VO 67, NKP Thailand Radio Operator OP2E KIA 27 February 1968 South Laos
H149 Richard L. Harvey International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1968-1970
H150 George L. Harwood International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1966-1968
H130 Joe Haselden Project 404? AIRA Intelligence Officer Vientiane 1972-1973
H047 Arden K. Hassenger 4 ACS Crew AC47D Spooky 21 KIA/MIA 24 December 1965 South Laos
H109 Lionel Hastings, Sr. Air America Captain 1960s
H007 Lewis M. (Lew) Hatch IV Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC Pakse (L11)
H093 Joel Clinton Hatley Co C 158 Avn Bn Crew UH1H KIA 05 March 1971 Lam Son 719 South Laos
H075 Hatton USAF Crew EC47 KIA 05 February 1969 South Laos
H124 Charles R. Hausherr USA Helicopter Crew Chief Non-hostile death 23 February 1971 South Laos
H062 Glen Miller Hayden VO67, NKP, Thailand Aircraft Commander OP2E KIA 17 February 1968 South Laos
H151 Gary D. Haynes International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1964-1966
H111 Joseph W. (Joe) Hazen Air America Pilot, B26, Helio Courier. Chief Pilot STOL Program Vientiene 1964
H136 Donald Read Heath Department of State Accredited Envoy to Laos Resident in Saigon 1950-1954
H107 Henry Hecksher CIA Station Chief USEMB Vientiane 1957-1959
H043 Michael E. (Mike) Heenan USAF Pilot F4D Shot down and rescued North Laos 2/18/69
H089 Thomas Edward Heideman USAF Crew CH3C KIA 24 October 1970 South Laos
H152 Dorothy Heieie International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1959-1961
H139 Howie Heinrich Air America or CASI Crew C46 Killed in Rice drop crash
H026 John Heintges Program Evaluation Office Director, PEO Vientiane 1959
H081 Gerald Robert Helmich USAF Pilot A1H MIA/KIA 12 November 1969 South Laos
H078 Rogery Danny Helwig USAF Pilot F4D MIA 11 September 1969 South Laos
H024 Charles R. Henderson Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green   Phou Pha Thi (LS85
H153 David Hendricks International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1968-1970
H154 Harry Hendrickson International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1968-1970
H110 Joe Hennessey Air America Scheduler Udorn/Accident Investigator Crashed on Hotel 21 and rescued 9 December 1966
H086 Ronnie L. Hensley 16 SOS Crew AC-130 KIA 22 April 1970 South Laos
H065 Thomas Truett Hensley USAF Pilot F105D KIA/MIA 17 March 1968 North Laos
H008 Richard W. Herold Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC KIA/MIA 9/2/72
H046 James W. Herrick, Jr. 56SOW Pilot A1 KIA/MIA North Laos 10/27/69
H066 Peter D. Hesford 390 TFS Pilot F4D MIA 21 March 1968 South Laos
H100 F. W. Hess 390 TFS 366 TFW GIB F4D KIA/MIA 29 March 1969 South Laos
H155 Richard Joesph Hesse International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1968-1970
H084 Billy K. Hester Air America Crew C130A Killed in crash 10 April 1970 North Laos
H126 Raymond Harry Hetrick USAF Pilot KIA 24 February 1966
H092 Hickman 48 AHC Crew Chief UH1H Crashed and rescued 3 Narch 1971. Lam Son 719 South Laos
H027 Franklin D. (Frank) Hicks LTAG/Hotfoot Detachment XO Khang Khay 1960
H029 Joseph E. (Joe) Hicks White Star MTT Commander A Detachment Nam Tha, & Bolovens 1961-1962
H025 Richard J. Hicks Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green   Phou Pha Thi (LS85)
H156 Donna Higgins International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1969-1971
H009 Charles D. Hightower Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC Pakse (L11)
H099 Arthur Sinclair Hill USS Enterprise BN F4B KIA/MIA 29 December 1965 South Laos
H021 Donnell (or Darrel) W. Hill Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green Radar Technician Phou Pha Thi (LS85)
H087 Gordon C. Hill USAF Crew F4E KIA 30 June North Laos
H067 Marion C. Hill USAF Crew C123 Bailed out of C123 Candlestick after being hit 24 March 1968. Rescued by USAF SAR 25 March 1968
H121 Thomas B. Hill HML 367, MAG 36 Pilot UH1E Crashed in Laos. Rescued by VNAF CH34 "Kingbee"
H108 Richard D. Hinderliter Project 404 ARMA Communications Vientiane 1969-1970
H030 Sidney R. (Sid) Hinds, Jr. White Starr MTT Detachment Commander Thakhek 1961
H010 Charles W. Hines Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC Pakse (L11) & Long Tieng (LS20A)
H114 Stephen Mayo Hiscock D/3/5Cav/5Inf Pilot OH58A KIA 23 February 1971 Lam Son 719 South Laos
H011 James H. Hix, Jr. Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC Long Tieng (LS20A) & Pakse (L11)
H102 Jon Hoberg 40 ARRS? Pararescueman HH53 Crashed during drone recovery North Laos 21 July 1971. Rescued by Air America
H017 Roland T. Hodge Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green Ground Power WIA 11 Jan 1968 during AN-2 attack. Phou Pha Thi (LS85), North Laos
H069 Emmons B. Hodgkins, Jr. Air America Captain N1386N Killed 25 November 1968 Savannakhet, South Laos
H083 Michael G. Hoff USN Pilot A7A MIA/KIA 7 January 1970 South Laos
H157 Howard Hogan International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1962-1964
H113 Robert G. Hogan Project 404 Army Attache Office Vientiane 1966-1967
H133 Elmer L. Holden 37 ARRS Flight Engineer HH3E MIA/KIA 9 June 1968 South Laos
H138 Joseph C. (Joe) Holden Det 6, 1 ACW? Waterpump FAC & AOC Cmdr Savannakhet 1965, Vientiane ?
H035 Danny L. Holdredge Project 404 Army Comm Center Specialist Vientiane 1971-1972
H122 Charles (Mike) Holland OSS XO to Aaron Bank Team Thaket and Savannakhet 1945
H019 Melvin A. Holland Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green Radio Operator MIA/KIA 3/11/68 Phou Pha Thi (LS85) North Laos
H158 William Hollingsworth International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1964-1966
H033 Joel (Joe) Hollis US Embassy Army Attache Vientiane 1960
H042 David Hugh Holmes USAF Hound Dog FAC MIA/KIA 3/15/66
H159 Henry Holmes International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1964-1966
H073 Holt 21 SOS Crew CH3E February 1969 Rescued by Knife 52
H012 Allen D. Holt, Jr. Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC  
H072 Robert E. Holton 497 TFS, 8 TFW GIB F4D KIA 29 Juanuary 1969 South Laos
H034 John H. Honer LTAG/ Hotfoot FA-9 Radio Operator Savannakhet 1959-1960
H013 Doran L. Hopkins Project 404? Administrative Officer Vientiane USEMB?
H031 Ramon C. Horinek USAF Combat Controller/Ground FAC Na Khang (LS36) 1965-1966
H106 Frank Horne Project 404? AIRA Site Radio Operator Savannakhet (L39) 1968-1969
H091 Hoskins 497 TFS GIB F4D KIA/MIA 16 February 1971 South Laos
H009 Anthony M. Hotsko Project 404 AC-47 Advisor  
H014 Max N. Hottel Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC  
H016 Leigh C. Hotujec JANAF   Vientiane USEMB
H015 Richard J. (Jeff) Hotujec Project 404 Army Advisor  
H160 Rose House International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1959-1961
H112 Jack Houston Air America Helicopter Pilot  
H071 Howard MACVSOG RT Patrol Leader Rescued 30 December 1968
H134 Clyde Howard USAF Combat Controller South Laos 1966
H161 Francis Howarth International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1966-1968
H162 Nancy Howarth International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1966-1968
H095 Howell USAF Crew F4E KIA/MIA 7 March 1972 South Laos
H036 David L. Hrdlicka 563 TFS, Takhli Pilot F105 Status Unknown; Captured North Laos 5/18/65; Reports until about 1976.
H064 P. Huber USAF Crew F4C Shot down 15 March 1968. Rescued by USAF SAR
H045 Edward M. Hudgens 22 SOS Pilot A1 KIA/MIA South Laos 3/21/70; Remains returned 1996
H163 Frank E. Huffman International Volunteer Service (IVS)   1956-1958
H022 Roger D. Huffman USAF Combat Controller WIA Phou Pha Thi (LS85) 1968; Pakse (L11)
H074 Hughes 21 SOS Crew CH3E February 1969 Rescued by Knife 52
H044 Byron E. Hukee 1 SOS, NKP Pilot A1 Landed sick A1 at Paksane 9/27/72; Pilot and aircraft recovered
H090 James Larry Hull USAF Crew O2A KIA 19 February 1971 South Laos
H101 John H. Hunsickler 57 Avn Co Pilot UH1C Crashed and rescued 22 December 1969
H131 George E. Hunt ? ARRS Pararescueman Rescued by USAF SAR 22 April 1966
H128 Robert Gerald Hunter USAF Pilot KIA-BR 25 May 1966
H048 Russell Palmer Hunter, Jr. 13 Bomb Sq, Danang VS Pilot B57 KIA/MIA 10 February 1966 South Laos
H079 Johnny Norman Huntley USA UH1H associated KIA 27 September 1969 South Laos
H137 Robert Hurwitch US Embassy deputy Chief of Mission Vientiane 1968-1969
H023 Willie D. Husband Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green Ground Power Phou Pha Thi (LS85)
H068 Charles Gregory. Huston MACVSOG RT Member ST Asp MIA 28 March 1968 South Laos

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