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Laos Incident List 1950-59
(Incidents, Casualties, Rescues, Captures and Unknowns)

This list is a work in progress.

As of 12 January 2006

This list documents incidents, losses, captures, rescues and missing in Laos during the early period. It is currently being populated with information. New information continues to be found and added. These Incident Lists are adjuncts to the more detailed Laos List.  If the name is underlined, the record is cross referenced to a detailed data page in the Laos List.  Use your browser's back button to return to this incident list from the detailed list. Ultimately the all of names in this list will be added to the Laos List and cross-referenced.  Details may be found on the individuals in blue now.

Many sources were researched for this information.  The findings are reported as accurately as possible. The color coding is  as follows.  The KIA, KIA/MIA and Killed are in Red. The  MIA, captured, rescued, accidents and unknowns are in black. These do not necessarily correspond to the official Department of Defense or US Goverment stated positions on all persons. As you review this list, please remember, each entry has its own unique story behind it. They were fathers, brothers, sons, comrades and hooch mates. Let's not forget them. For those of us who survived the Laos experience, we reflect  on our lost brothers  - there am I, but for the grace of God.

If you have corrections or additional information, please contact the site webmaster.

Call Sign
510212 195200N  1020700E  DC-3/C-47A-DL 
(c/n 19592)
      Crashed at Luang Prabang F-OABK Companie Aerienne de Transport Indochinoise/Aigle Azur Indochine
530613 150700N 1054600E DC-3/C-47A-DL     34 of 34 killed Crashed on t/o at Pakse  Phou Lassi (shot down) F-BEST Aigle Azur Indochine
540103 164000N 1051000E A-26A       Crashed on t/o at Seno 44-34530 French Air Force
540213     DC-3       A/c destroyed on ground by shelling at Muong Sai F-OAHY Air Outremer
540314 191100N 1024300E DC-3       Crashed on landing at Xieng Khouang (shot down)  F-BCYI Autrex
540425     C-47-DL       Crashed on landing at Nam Bac (shot down) F-BCYJ Autrex
540506  205100N 1040400E  C-119, #149   McGovern, J. Pilot KIA; Hit by AAA over Dien Bien Phu and crashed near Moung Het Laos   Civil Air Transport
540506  205100N 1040400E  C-119, #149   Buford, W. Co-pilot KIA; Hit by AAA over Dien Bien Phu and crashed near Moung Het,  Laos   Civil Air Transport
540506  205100N 1040400E C-119, #149     Flt Engineer? KIA; Hit by AAA over Dien Bien Phu and crashed near Moung Het Laos   French Air Force
540506 205100N 1040400E C119, #149   Arlaux, J. Observer Survived Crash, captured by Viet Minh. Released October 1954   French Army
540506 205100N 1040400E C119, #149   Rescouriou Kicker (Bailer) KIA   French Army
540506 205100N 1040400E C119, #149   Moussa Kicker (Bailer) Survived crashed badly injured. Died several days later   French Army
540506 205100N 1040400E C119, #149   Bataille Kicker (Bailer) KIA   French Army
540413 181100N 1024300E Lockheed 18 Lodestar     16 of 16 killed Crashed at Xieng Khouang F-OALK Societe Indochine de Liaisons Aeriennes
   DC-3/C-47         Crashed on landing at Nam Bac  F-BCYC
540816 150700N 1054600E Bristol 170 Freighter 21E     47 of 59 or 62 killed Crashed on landing with engine trouble at Pakse F-VNAI Air Vietnam
540820     DH-89       Crashed into trees on takeoff from Seno, Laos F-BAHY Autrex
541104     B-26C       Crashed into Mekong after hit by AAA over Dien Bien Phu 44-35331 French Air Force
541204     DC-3/C-47A-DL     28 of 28 killed Crashed 30 km N of Luang Prabang F-BEIA Air Laos
550314     C-47A-DL       w/o Phong Savanah; crash on takeoff F-BFGN Air Laos
560405     DHC-2 (L-20A)       Accident (repairable) at Luang Prabang F-SCXH French Air Force
561115     Bristol 170 Freighter  31       crashed Vientiane, Laos F-OAOU Air Laos
591200 North Laos   Ground   Dubroux, R. Catholic Priest Assassinated in his village   Oblate Order

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