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Aircraft Serial Number Number Listing

(For Lao XW Registrations see the XW Registration Page)

This is a work in progress.

Aircraft are identified by the serial numbers or registration numbers they carried. Many aircraft were re-registered so they may be identified in multiple locations below.  A number of aircraft were "loaners" from the US military, mainly to Air America. The registrations are those used during the Secret War or before if aircraft was associated with Laos.   The USAAF/USAF serials are listed as they provide excellent tracking keys through the various sources. The listed companies were the primary operator. See the company files for the sequencing of the registrations and aircraft ownership. Most of these aircraft operated in Laos although some may have not.

Data fields left to right are the serial/registration number, aircraft type, construction number and operators.

Tom Lee

Created May 2002. Revised 08 October 2007

USAAF/USAF Serial Number

US Civil Registration

French Civil Registration
Many of these registrations are civil aircraft operating in Laos during and after the First Indochina War.


 Philippine Civil  Registration

Taiwan Civil Registration

The "B" designation was often dropped when these aircraft operated in Laos. B-147 would be 147.

Non-Standard Serials

(Mainly Air America Helicopters)

Most of these aircraft have both US Navy Bureau numbers and USA/USAF serials due to transfer


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[See Aircraft Source page for a source listing keyed to individual air carriers and aircraft.]