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Fishing Honker Bay, California

California Delta Chambers Photo, Brandon's Sturgeon

Honker Bay, California USA

You'll find large sturgeon residing in Honker Bay throughout the year. Stripers are targeted in the California Delta in Late fall and early winter as well.

"Suisun Bay, the rich estuary where the fresh water of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers mixes with the salty water of San Pablo Bay, has gone through many changes over the decades. However, one thing that remains the same is the fine opportunities to catch striped bass, along with sturgeon and other fish, every fall and winter. “The striped bass fishing this fall has been good in Suisun Bay and Montezuma Slough, definitely better than average,” said Barry Canevaro of the Fish Hookers Sportfishing. “The fish are scattered throughout a number of spots in the bay, including Seal Island, the Middle Grounds, Honker Bay and the Firing Line.” " Extract in quotes taken from The Fish Sniffer, Suisun Bay Region

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California Delta Chambers, Delta Fishing Holes

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