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Fishing El Placer Bank, la Guaira, Venezuela

El Placer Bank, La Guaira, Venezuela

"The fish of your life is just a hook-set away off Venezuela's north coast. The plankton-rich Southern Caribbean waters of the north coast of Venezuela drifting west flows over the natural ridge named El Placer (meaning the pleasure) It is a unique natural phenomena not to be found many places in the world today. The El Placer bank in La Guaira holds one of the world's most impressive billfish concentrations. This underwater fishing paradise rises nearly 50 fathoms from a 140-plus fathoms depth of the surrounding bottom. About 4 miles wide and 14 miles long, La Guaira Bank is just a brief 30 to 40-minute run from where the boats are docked at the marina. Aside from the incredible blue marlin action, the run of white marlin that takes place in La Guaira during the fall (August - December) is unparalleled. Many anglers easily amass double digit releases then, and some of our boats have recorded over 30 in a single day. In the fall of 2001, again more that 300 billfish were released during the 3-day Grand Slam Tournament, with an incredible 33 billfish slams achieved by a field of 26 boats. Although some whites are caught on the edges of La Guaira Bank, most of them are found a bit farther offshore, in depths of 100-600 fathoms, west of the El Placer Bank and it is here the right crew means more than skills." Extract in quotes taken from

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