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Meet Simon!

I ran across this article and pictures posted on one of my rescue group sites. It broke my heart.

This is what happens to 'free to a good home animals'.

I would like you meet a 10 week old siamese kitten who was a product of "free to good home" pet....

This little fellow was brought in to the shelter (that I help) today, The lady had gotten a free kitten some time back and never spent the money to have her spayed or vaccinated and allowed her to roam outside while in heat...Needless to say this girl had 3 kittens born to the outdoors and they were never taken care of either....In search for food this liitle boy found his way to a mill were a man did not like cats and sprayed chemicals in the kittens face causing the eyes to get infected and still the owner did not do vet care...and in no time at all the kittens eyes had ruptured...Well now no one can stand the sight of this guy so he was deposited at the shelter to be euthenized ( by a neighbor )...still the owner was not responable enough to take it to the vets to be euthenized...Things like this happen all the time to Free Pets...Most people who can not afford or do not want to pay for the vet care already being done will let stuff like this happen....Its not a joke its Real....and its a dam shame that the animals have to pay the this baby will have to pay....You see because of neglect this boy will lose not one eye but Both Eyes...

Warning! Graphic Photos Ahead!

View Pre-Surgical Pictures

My heart ached for this tiny baby who had suffered so much. I couldn't sit back and do nothing. I contacted the person who posted these pictures and offered to take this kitten. As you know I've got some experience in dealing with blind cats and dogs. *G* Inquiries were made and Simon was scheduled for surgery to remove both eyes. I spent an evening discussing his situation with Bug and telling him how cool it would be to have a new brother.

Simon had his surgery on the weekend and I'm pleased and proud to say that he arrived this morning, June 19, 2001, at his new permanent home. :) He's adapting well, already, listens to everything and has explored the first floor of my house completely. Now he is curled up resting while Psycho is grooming him. I think he's gonna be just fine. :)

I really need to give a huge thanks to Barb A. in Follansbee, WV for giving Simon a chance by taking him out of the shelter, bringing his story to theworld and helping transport him, Deeanna and Cindy V. for helping transport him to Neko, Neko and her Dad for making the surgery possible (and for FREE at that!) and Barb B, who went and picked Simon up, kept him for the night, and delivered him to me.  Barb B. also contacted me about Simon's story and asked if Bug could use a friend.  Simon has many other Angels whose names are not known to him or me, but I give my thanks to all of you too!

I am also trying to rescue his brother and sister and mother from their abusive situation. Stay tuned.


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Compassion combined with education is the only solution. Get involved! Please leave a message for Simon before you journey on. :)

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Update! 7/2/01 See how Simon is doing in his new home!

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