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Xzibit: Restless        

Off one it should be known before reading this that I am a long time fan of Mr. X to tha Z. I have his first two albums ( At the speed of light, and 40 Days and 40 Nights). This means two things: 1) I had very high expectations for this album. 2) If it was not good I would put all the blame on Dr. Dre (
Executive producer ). However, what Dre and X did was to simply put together the tightest album released this year. In terms of lyrical content, beats, and overall feel this album is light years ahead of
anything that has been released in the new millennium. 

Of the 16 tracks on the lp there are 7 that stand above the rest. They are: Front 2 Back, X,
Alkaholik, Don't Approach Me, Rimz & Tirez, Best of Tings, Loud & Clear. 
Rating ****1/2