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Is it just me, are doesn't it seem like every rapper that uses a
sample is catching mad heat from the media. When musicians in
other forms due it is considered cute, or innovative. However,
whenever a rapper does it they are accused of not having
enough talent to produce the beats. The truth is that most
samples have been changed so much that it is in essence a new
beat! If you don't believe listen to any beat made by
Timberland over the last five years. Each beat contains multiple
samples that have been blended together to create a beat
different and better than the collective some of the individual
beats. Beyond that each beat in incredible. Yet, there are haters
out there that would say that because he did not create each
individual little sound himself, he is not talented. Bull Sh*t!!!

I was recently watching a show on MTV where a rocker was
complaining that that rappers are untalented because they use
electronics instead of playing instruments. To him say welcome
to the year 2001. If you want to play an instrument then good
for you but don't insult people that use electronics. Anyone who
does not take advantage of new technology that is available to
them is foolish and will soon be out of business. Music is no
different. Electronics have improved the quality of music by
immeasurable amounts.