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        Reggie Noble does it again, kind of. What do mean? While this is a great album by one of the greatest rappers of all time, I don't know if it is quite what I was expecting. Like I said Redman is one of the greatest of all time, as such the expectations for any new album by him is incredibly high. Does this album meet that expectation? Maybe or Maybe not.

        This album contains 23 tracks. Of those about nine are great. They are: "Let's get dirty", "Real N****Z", "Da Bull S**t, "Enjoy da ride", "J.U.M.P.", "Bricks Two", "Wrong 4 Dat", Whut I'ma do now", "Soopaman Luv (part 1 & 2)". Of those the best beat has to be from "Real N****Z". I can't describe it, but trust me it's worth the price of the album on its own. As for the other tracks their tight and their beats are cold too, but they beat on "Real N****Z" is the beat of the album.

        As for guest appearances this album does not have too many. I found this surprising considering how much time Redman spends on other peoples albums. However, guest appearances are made by: Street life, Saukrates, Missy Elliott, Method man, Scarface, and a returning Keith Murray.

        I only have one personal beef with this album. The skits, I can not stand them and they are a guaranteed fast forward.

        Overall, if you are a fan of Redman pick up this album. If you are not a fan of Redman still pick up this album. It is the best album to come out so far for 2001.