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Guru's JazzMatazz StreetSoul


        Guru's been in the game for a long time. His style is his own and different from anyone else in the game. This album offers yet another perspective. It is an alternative to club bangers and it is something you can pop in your deck when you feel for something mellow without resorting to an R n' B tune.

        The album contains 14 tracks. Of those about six are worth mentioning in this review. They are Keep Your Worries, Hustlin' daze, Certified, Lift your fist, Who's there?, and Timeless. Keep your worries being the best of the above mentioned. It has a beat that is just perfect for this type of song. Guru's voice, and the hook done by Angie Stone blend to form a melody that will have you singing along if your not careful.

        In terms of guest appearances none of the usual suspects (Method Man, Red Man, Snoop Dogg) are here. It makes sense since this is not your usual type of album. Vocals are contributed by: Angie Stone, Donell Jones, Macy Gray, Erykah Badu, Kellis, and a very special appearance by Isaac Hayes. In addition The Roots, Junior Reid and Prodigal Son make their presence felt.

        I didn't know what to expect with this album. I am however pleasantly surprised with the out come. Guru took a chance and it paid off.