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Canibus 2000 B.C.
[Before Can-i-bus]

        In terms of potential Canibus has as much if not more than any other rapper in the game. Lyrically he can go punch for punch with any body. In 1998 when he first came on the national scene he was as seen as a can't miss prospect. Then unfortunately came the very public beef with the legend who goes by the name of LL Cool J. With his song first round knockout Canibus threw out a challenge. LL's response was weak at best and it was up to Canibus to continue with his career.  Unfortunately his debut album was plagues by some of the worst beats to ever be heard by my ears. This album is an attempt to revitalize a career that should, by now be great.

        This album contains 13 tracks. Of those about 6 of them are replay tracks [ a replay track is a track that contains so many good lyrics that you have to rewind and listen to the track again to understand everything that is said.] Those tracks are: 2000 B.C., Watch who u beef wit, I'll buss'em u punish'em, Mic-nificent, phuk u, and 100 bars. 100 Bars is a track that is lyrically deeper than anything I have ever heard before. It has no chorus, no hook, it is just straight and simply 4.58 of straight lyrical warfare.

        This album also contains two skits. Generally speaking I am not a fan of skits. I feel they are just a waste of time any 9 times out of ten the album would be better with out them. However, this album contains a skit that is an exception to the rule. It's called "Shock Therapy". Basically it has a guy who sounds exactly like Wyclef receiving shock treatments for making wack beats. Funny stuff.

        In terms of guest appearances this album has few. Not very surprising. It has Rakim, Ras Kass, Killah Priest, and Kurupt.  That's about it. Luckily Canibus has the talent produce good tracks on his own.

        Overall, this album is a definite pick up if you are into pure lyrics. While the beats are significantly better than the last album they are still not top level beats. Also, there is a lot of hate in this album that you just don't see from anyone else in the rap game. You need to decide if you are into that are not.