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Eminem Arrested - Eminem was arrested outside a Michigan bar after a brawl broke out between him and another man after the man kissed Eminem's wife on the cheek.  Click below for the full story.
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Eminem's Wife Attempts Suicide - Eminem's Wife, Kimberly Scott Mathers, tried to take her own life on Friday June 10 in her home.  Click below to read more.
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The Real Slim Shady is a Liar - Recently Fred Durst did an interview calling Eminem A Liar. He says he never had any sexual relations with Christina Aguilera. He truely believes and says that Eminem is going overboard with the whole boy band disses and his opinions on a lot of matters.
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Eminem's New Release - Eminem has a new CD out.  It is the Marshall Mathers LP.  It features the hit single "The Real Slim Shady".  Click below the order it from CDNOW.
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