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Welcome to the site ya'll, and get comfy stay a while

[Jayme and me, god i love that girl] [Michelle-Marie and me, god i love that girl]
So these pictures are just a taste of the wicked ass summer i had with 2 of the best people i know. Jayme, and Michelle-Marie.

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"its been a long time" update
Honour Band Pictures
Staff pictures, summer 2004! **sign on to your hotmail passport to view**
Inside Jokes from Summer '04!
Nationals 2003 Pics, Kingston
Regionals 2003 Pics, Qu'Appelle
HMCS Ontario, STG3 2K3 pics
Jayme and Amanda Stories
everyone look what Jackie did.....
STG2 PICS, HMCS Qu'Appelle
Nationals 2002 Pictures!
SAILING Pictures!
Best Sailing Bruises EVER!!
FUN Pics!
Rest In Peace Clayton Adam LaCasse