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These are Poems Written By My Boyfriend For Me

When you are in love you will think of a way,
To hug her and kiss her and please her all day.
There is nothing better than the feeling in my heart,
But it becomes greater when I sense we might fall apart.
When the time comes it's hard to rest,
It's hard to resist the feeling in my chest.
I stay up plotting a day,
That I can hook her to me a bond tighter than clay.
In the end I know my actions will show,
I love you Brittanie for this you know!!!

You’ll always be mine

Even if the sky falls down,
Putting the suffering blanket all over town,
Like the feeling of endless time,
Wishing and wishing for that last rhyme,
My mind flows wondrously through it all,
Except for when we kiss in the hall.
In that end I know it is true,
Just like the sky is blue.
I’m always worried when you say I am out of line
But I know no matter what you’ll always be mine.


If I had one more day to live,
I would live it with you.
If I had one more day to live,
I’d let my heart be true.

If I had one more day to live,
We would cuddle close together,
If I had one more day to live,
We wouldn’t worry about the weather,

If I had one more day to live,
There would be no sad time,
If I had one more day to live,
No more waiting in lines.

If I had one more day to live,
There would be no heart breaking,
If I had one more day to live,
My heart would be yours for the taking


Even though we will be apart,
Keep these words close to your heart.
You will make it through if you go day by day,
I know deep down you will find a way.
These words of passion I claim to write,
I can not ever seem to get them right.
Although through and through,
I know they will make sense to me and you.
I do not worry if we part,
we know it will not fall apart.
In two yours there will be a way,
For us to stay together everyday.
Until then,
We will have to part and meet back up again.
I really that the god above,
For lettings we fall deeply in love.