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Name: You tell me and I'll tell You!


Sex: Female

Birth Date: 12-01-86

Location: W.A...YEAH BABY!

Status: Single

Occupation: Unemployed

Pic de Moi: 

My Interests: I love drawing (One day it will be my profession) I am really into French! Writing poems, Keeping my self in shape (yep,yep,yep gotta look good ya know!!) Shopping, Listening to music, Dancing, Working on mostly any kind of craft, In addition, much more but that is that basics!

Dislikes: People that think they're the shit!! Guys that make me feel like a damn piece of meat!! Blues and jazz music! Rude ass people! People that decide that they already know the kind of person I am and make their own judgments without taking the time to get to know me! Just keep in mind when ever you assume ANYTHING you make an ass out of you!!!!

New Info about me: I got my navel pierced on July 9, 2002! hehehehe it looks so cute and September 7th I think it was I got it changed and now I have in a bent bar bell! It so cute!!! If you wanna see picture of some belly rings go to my links and there should be a few web pages there:-) kinky donít ya think?

My Newest Interest: I want a tattoo of a sun around my belly piercing