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< text="FF3399">Emeline: You have been the most awesome friend I have ever met friends forever! And don't for get to write to me when you go back to France I will Miss you so so so much!!! Love ya hun!!

Miss. Holly: you are so cool and we have so much incommon! When you left to live in snadwhich I was sad and we lost touch I think we can build a close friendship if you let it.Judy (FiFi) text="FFFF00">: You have been the greatest gurl! You are also my best friend. You are so fun to joke with and so easy to talk to I feel like I could tell ya anything and you wont judge me I really love that and I know that you will help me with any situation I have. I never wanna break or lose this friendship with you!!!

Luzia:I think that itís so cool that your from brazil now I can say I have friends all over the country! I love that! You are so nice! And I hope we become great friends!

Jamilla: You have been my friend since I first moved here to Aurora and I think of you as my best friend cause you have also been there for me when ever I needed you! But lately junior year you have been so difficult to reach!:-(

My Mom: I know things haven't been so great between us but with in time it will get better I love you!

My Sister: Steph you are the best sister anyone could ever have and I feel very lucky to have you as my sis! And I very much appreciate the ride to school in the mornings! Love you so much!!

My other Sista (JuJu):I miss you soo much!! Oh my goodness I have had so much stress I am starting to spill over with anxiety! I miss ya I wish you were here maybe things would be better or a bit easier for me!! Come home soon sis!!!