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Please use the following ways to contact me.

This is my own little web  page that I made to tell people about rat's and what I know about them. At the moment I have only had the pleasure of owning one rat, her name is Sasami, but form this one experience I have learned a lot. 

  • Learn about my first pet rat - Sasami

  • See some awards this site has won - Award

I would love it if you had moment to sign my guestbook! It's always great to hear from visitors about their rats and/or how they enjoyed the site.

- At the Moment I can't post any pictures of my rat because I don't own a scanner or digital camera. So if you have a picture of your rat I would love it if you sent it to me with his/her name so I can post it on this site.

- I have added two new toy idea Treats in a tube, and rat garden by: Karen Coffey and Lena, to the  toy page.

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