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aug 27, 2003

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Friday: Aug 29, 2003


Waikiki, Hawaii
Friday night & we've been partying since we landed. R1z had her hangover from Weds & Thurs, while I had my sand flea bytes from fricken North Shore wherever that beach was, ouch! We decided to check out Keola's bachelor pad in Mililani. We got the wrong directions so Travis met us at a gas station near McDonalds. SO, we're finally at the "crib" & all the boys had their shirts off (local guy thing). Sure it might sound appealing but maybe if they just breathed & let out their tummys then I'd prolly stop laughing! Keola was so cute & smart he hid his behind a big pillow! Damn, no pics of that! Keola ended up having a date, Travis was to shy or drunk to even sit next to us. Thus we ended up going back to Waikiki. Even tho I was so tempted to go online & check my email! The kewl thing is we got to experience local culture at its best!

Once at Waikiki R1z drank some Tums & I plastered on the 'pink-stuff' for my bytes. Then we walked on the beach to a hotel, "Tiki Lounge." There we met some locals who thought we were locals. One said he was a photographer, but he looked more like "Jap Boy's Dad" & he couldn't take a pic w/my drunk cam. Shockingly the pic he took w/R1z came out. One drink & we were outta there. Back to the hotel to calm our achiness! That was 2am, early for us!