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Wednesday: Aug 27, 2003


Kuhio Village Resort

Found on Orbitz.com for $38.00 a night!

Highly recommended for the budget traveler. Only disadvantage it smells like 100 people smoked in the room & the bathtub water drains slooooow! BUT you get maid service everyday & the room is large, it doesn't feel like a dorm room!

Buzz's Steakhouse in Kailua Beach
Only accepts cash or checks. Make a reservation or sit at the bar & try their famous mai tais, 3 is definitely the limit. Gail the bartender will get you drunk off 1 mai tai. Every1 is friendly & the owner will even take a picture w/ya...she's the one in red!

Kailua Beach Park
Can you say DRUNK?
R1z slept in the car & I bawled in the bano after 2 mai tais at Buzz's Steakhouse. At midnight I drove down Pali Hwy, which starts atop a mtn, down the winding road leading to Waikiki. I got lost & R1z talked in her sleep. Back at ghetto hotel, I moved the trash bin to park while seeing double! BUT no hangover, WOO HOO! :)