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Welcome To The Cavy Shack.....

The Cavy Shack is one of the most comprehensive sources of guinea pig information on the Internet. My focus is to give current and future pet owners the knowledge they need to help their guinea pigs attain, and exceed, their five-to-seven year expected life span. The detailed care guide providing more useful and thorough information than most books sold in pet stores. I hope to provide you with the most useful information, so that you can better understand your cavy(guinea pig), and help him (or her) stay as healthy as possible.

Suey on the left, and Corky on the right.

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Meet the guinea pigs behind the scenes!

The Cavy Shack wouldn't be a success, or even in existence, if it weren't for My very own guinea pigs. Be sure to stop in and meet the cavies that started it all...

This Site is ALWAYS under construction, so please check back soon for new updates.

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