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Sem taky piseme co chcem HOW DOES PAID TO SURF PROGRAMES WORK ?
The Paid To Surf programes sell advertising space on the banner (small bar) that will be on your computer monitor. They have a very low cost to deliver these ads to millions of members of these programs. The profits are then passed on to the members either by paying them a percentage of the ad revenue or a flat rate per hour for having the ads displayed

Nothing. It's absolutely FREE !!! You don't need to purchase anything and you will also never have to buy anything. You only sign up, download a small program, install it on your computer and begin to view ads ( for which you get money ). It is really so simple. You can also cancel your membership at any time with no cost or penalties. Soubor materiálů ze semináře ČIA (WORD 118 KB)

It is only up to you. But don't think you get rich quickly. There are three different approaches to take on these programs.

  1. If you join one or two programes, refer no new members and just surf 30-50 hours per month you will make at least $20-$30 per month.
  2. If you join 4 or 5 programes and tell some friend and relatives about the Paid To Surf concept you will build a small downline which will grow as the people you refer in turn refer a few others ( recommended). You won't get rich but you will start getting checks that will get a bit larger as your downline grows. You could easily be making $100-$500 per month with only minimal effort.
  3. You need to join almost all programs (highly recommended!!!).Plus is recommended to actively pursue referrals for ex. using a simple website like this one. Doing this you will earn thousands of dollars per month. This is not a joke. It´s true.

Everything mentioned above is true simply because companies that produce goods and services need consumers to use their products and services. They spend billions of dollars on advertisements to attract some of our attention. So all the money comes from advertisers. You are being paid just for viewing their ads (plus for your efforts in getting others to become members too.

No, it is NOT a pyramid scheme. Visit the Federal Trade Commision´s site at if you are not sure and see what they say about pyramid schemes.---None of these programs require recruiting new members to earn money. You will earn money even if you never refer another single member to the program. These programs simply pay you for allowing them to place an ad on your screen. Yes, you will make more money if you do bring others into the program, but it is not a requirement. e!

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