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below 1000 leaders germination feasibility study 1999
1000 to 10000000 seedling development of Global Civilization Model 2001
million to billion mature implementation of structural changes 2003
above a billion harvest globally aligned activities towards increase of wellbeing 2005

What is Global Leadership?

global leadership is leadership by heart not by structural violence nor by money.

It does not depend on the amount of violence or money you can accumulate.

How is Global Leadership different from other governments?

New Leadership

will overgrow Old Governments.

Old Governments

work towards their extinction.

no human sacrifices anymore. humans are sacrificed in the name of a belief (war) to please the god of greed.
all people are welcome to donate their brainpower for leadership. only a few "chosen ones" use their brainpower to govern.
the origins of destruction can be easily found; destructive habits are reversed. the ritual of destruction and waste is faithfully followed by the Liability Triad and the global 'high priests'.
global leadership. national governments.
tendency towards opening sensors,. improving interactive communication. reduced communication, secrecy, censorship and propaganda.
dual monetary system makes unemployment impossible. single monetary system results in a mixup of govt and commerce.
language is tuned to increase understanding between all humans. language is used as a status symbol, reducing communication.
nourishing element will be everywhere visible: massive reforestation, massive activity into nourishing technology. destructive element is everywhere visible: massive deforestation, massive activity into destructive technology.
humans will be nourished to become leaders. (assets). humans are manipulated to be followers. (liabilities).
slow, intelligent decision making based on love and understanding. quick decision making governed by stupidity, violence and own profit.
crime will be reduced over time to insignificant levels. in the absence of war crime is increasing.
the unhealthy effect of couch potatoes will be reversed. commerce creating couch potatoes as an easy target for their products.
you'll see strangers for no apparent reason smile at you. you have strangers with frozen faces around you.
more money available for a efficiently working society. No idle resources because of insufficient money. artificial shortage of money creates inefficiency.
power of commerce to broadcast into the private homes of individuals will be reduced commerce manipulates individuals with ads in their own homes
power of broadcasters to nourish children with violence will be reduced violent content goes unrestricted to kids, creating violence addiction
separation of human administration and commerce. govt & commerce intrinsically entangled.
focus object will be the Global Civilization Model. no global focus but party politics and national/commercial advantage.
more life stabilizes weather, - milder climate. less life destabilizes weather, - harsher climate.
you'll know what you are living for. you can't find a particular purpose in your life.
every human will benefit himself and its environment to his fullest potential. billions of malnourished, idle and underutilized humans roam this planet.
society allocates status symbols for those who participate in activities of growth and nourishment. society promotes status symbols for destruction. (win-lose scenario).
every human is bound by only two laws and some guidelines. humans are entangled in a myriad of laws sprawling around this planet.
there will be an increasing amount of pleasure in your life. pleasure for most of us is declining.
flexible, evolving administration of society. rigid structure of government stuck immovable in time.
you are responsible for yourself, for your fellow humans and for your environment. you are responsible to make money and live to the laws of your country.
you can be proud of yourself to achieve benefits for humanity and this planet. you don't know exactly what you are doing here on Earth.
you are safe and welcome anywhere, anytime around the globe. you have to fear for your life in many places.
preventing the cause of violence and destruction. treating the symptoms of violence and destruction.
global leadership wraps itself around you to make you feel good. old governments point at you to make you feel guilty.

picture shows govt and commerce attacking Earth physically and financially

The world is neither for sale nor to destroy.
It's here for the people to enjoy.

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