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Guidelines to become a leader.

  • Think about how a global society should look like.

  • Allocate some thoughts to leadership.
  • Feel and act like a leader, not like a follower.
  • Communicate your vision of a just global society to as many humans you can reach.
  • Think about what activities are necessary to enable a smooth transition from present governments to global leadership.


All this should not take much time out of your daily routines.

If you like to spend more time and activity on it then:
[1.] force your government to recycle all military resources into something useful for humanity.
[2.] lobby governments to make free servers available for public use to enable Internet communication for everyone.

Get in touch with people contributing to Global Leadership or who support it. Join the Global Leadership WebRing.

Participate in building the Global Civilization Model and promote new leadership:

  • Design your own model or modify an existing Glo-Ci-Mo.
  • Follow your own way how to evolve as a leader and promote leadership. For instance, make global leader hearts (badges, representing the symbol of leadership by heart) as a gift for people.
  • Or download this website, modify it according to your own opinion and republish it.

Take good care about your health and the health of this planet.

Analyze the facts of your environment and think about the relationships between those facts.

Discover the relationship between your activities and the wellbeing of this planet and its inhabitants.

Make sure no person, structure or ritual dominates you.

notepad reads: if you wear the gl heart, people around the world can identify you as actively looking for the right way, and not following present power brokers along the wrong way. people can identify you as a non violent person who loves all humans on our planet and cooperates with them.

If you take part in Global Leadership you represent:
  • yourself,

  • humanity,

  • life, and

  • planet Earth.

Each human has its unique destiny. Open your sensors to discover your destiny and aim towards it. On your way you'll find things no one has discovered. This is the real power of Global Leadership, as a leader you are supposed to discover, you are not supposed to follow doctrines.
If you have been nourished well and continue to nourish yourself well you'll at some stage in your life flower. It's a mental flower, a beneficial idea. You communicate this idea to other humans and their activity will adjust to increase the wellbeing for humanity and this planet. Global Leadership naturally releases your mental powers.

Every human has the potential to flower. Many have flowered in history. Through Global Leadership you enhance this flowering to its maximum.

As a leader you never attack or criticize people. If a person behaves detrimental, use your intelligence to identify the ritual or structure that made this human behave so, and modify or eliminate that ritual or civilization structure. Only target detrimental structures of society to modify or dismantle them together with your fellow leaders, never target people who are controlled by those structures' rituals.

A shortage of love and an overdose of greed can make any human insane!

Dominating rulers want to be unquestionable, that's why they create defensive structures. Global Leadership advice is, never to target humans who represent organizations that are harmful to this planet. People in those positions, who have been indoctrinated over a long time of their life, to feel superior and propel detrimental organizations into the future, need mental and spiritual counseling, not hostility or even violence unleashed against them.

So, take it easy on people but assertively question structures, organizations, corporations, man-made rules and rituals.

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