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Pam's Place Easter Crafts Directions

Milk Jug Bunny

Good luck and enjoy !

Prepare The Milk Jug
Prepare The Milk Jug
Soak the milk jug in warm soapy water to remove labels and ink, and to soften the jug for cutting. Dry off. Follow the diagrams above to trace the outline on the milk jug with the permanent marker. Cut along the outline. Make holes around the edges with a hole puncher and then weave yarn or ribbon through the holes to make a colorful border.
Finished Bunny
Finished Bunny Finished Bunny
Cut out eyes and nose from the felt and glue into place. Cut pieces of black yarn for the eye lashes, mouth and whiskers and glue into place. Then cut out pieces of pink felt for the inner ears and glue into place. Glue on his cottontail to the back of the bunny and you're done ! This makes a great planter for an Easter Lily.


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