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Welcome to Pam's Place Valentine's Crafts Page 9.

Heart Pinwheels

Heart Pinwheels. For each pinwheel you will need red and white construction paper, scissors, colored pencils, markers or stickers, a red push pin, a straw, and a 1/2" small cork. Copy the first square onto the white construction paper, making sure the shape is a square and not a rectangle. On both sides, mark the dotted lines and dots. The large central circle only needs to be on one side. The children can color hearts on both sides with their markers or colored pencils. Be careful though, the markers could bleed through. Have the children cut on the dotted lines toward the center, stopping at the edge of the large circle. And then cut out a 1 1/2" heart out of the red construction paper. For smaller children you can do this step in advance. Bring in each of the four corners to the center to form the pinwheel centering all the dots on the circle. Cover these dots with your red cut-out heart and push the pin through all the layers at the center making sure you go through all four corners. Then carefully push the pin through the straw and then into the cork. Bending your pinwheel in slightly at the center will loosen it up a little bit and allow it to turn better.
Step One.
Step Two.
Step Three.

Flying Lovebirds

Flying Lovebirds Flying Lovebirds
For this craft you will need a 6 1/2" by 13" piece of white craft foam, a 2 1/2" by 6 1/2" piece of red craft foam, scissors, tacky glue, four 10mm wiggly eyes, a paper hole puncher, string or curling ribbon, and a wooden dowel rod.
Use the pattern above to make two bird bodies and four wings. Also cut out 12 small red hearts out of the red craft foam. Glue the hearts to the wings and body following the picture above and let dry. Then glue a wing to each side of the birds' bodies being sure the arched side is down and just covering the tail section. Let that dry and then finish gluing on the eyes. Punch a hole in the top of each bird body with the hole punch and tie the ribbon or string to the bird and the end of the dowel rod. (This craft can be easily adapted to make two turtledoves for Christmas too !)
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